Monday, January 26, 2015

9.5 / 9.6 Modification Destructible (Build 30.0003) By ProstoNoob



  1. 9.5 download link doesnt work, doesn 9.6 version of this works for 9.5 live server?

  2. Heres a link from his thread

    which takes you to this dropbox ver. builds page

    Its hard to tell what is EXACTLY going on with the builds with their translated tounge.....

  3. configuaration is now done in a .json file

    Added a new algorithm for filtering destruction

    Filtering high-explosive fragmentation of false positives
    Filtering "shelled" (BETA)
    Filtering false positives during the countdown battle

    For correcting the maximum count of items (1)

    Corrected by the "marks on the minimap"
    Corrected by the "destruction marker"
    Corrected by the "direction indicators"

    Small additions to the description of the configuration file (* .JSON)

    Fixed text name in the parameters of "style"
    By default, all options "style" changed to "1"
    Added options for parameter "points"> "marker"
    Added options for parameter "square"> "min" & "max"
    Added options for parameter "styles"> "smalls" & "larges"
    Fixed not correct offset marker "marker"> "header"

    Ability to customize the range of parameters for "square" action *

    The parameter is updated in the "marks on the minimap"
    The parameter is updated in the "ripple on the minimap"
    The parameter is updated in the "chime"
    The parameter is updated in the "destruction marker"
    The parameter is updated in the "direction indicators"

    Added the ability to use the "Double-Click" to "button" *
    Correction of defects false alarm pressing "button"
    Correction of deficiencies in the basic parameter "button" modification
    Change the terms of the comparison principle square (it was "<", became "<=")


    Note the use of the range for the "square", showing the distance from X to X,
    If you set this to "stamp on the minimap" - "square": {"min": 100, "max": 500}, and for
    "Ripple" - "square": 500, and will be in the range of less than the destruction of the "min", ripple lose.
    Due to the fact that the mark is not included in the destruction of the range "square" and nowhere display pulsation.


    Dual key, activated by pressing on the first priority "button", then hold by pressing "double"

    Added after 4 minutes

    Posted by shaman666 View Post
    So that's the thing that I simply change the volume, rather than vklyuchyayu on / off modes (standing on the button "button": "KEY_NUMPAD3"). Is it possible to remove these flicker when changing volume?
    Bug is fixed in version 30.0003. Ripple is disabled in the field:


    // Parameter sets the pulse notice
    // During keystrokes to activate and deactivate
    // Below are the values ​​for this parameter

    // "Status": false,

    "Notice": true,

  4. NEW LINK 9.5

  5. I got Problem....when i start the battle....there is colour flashing on screen everytime, when some tree falling , it does show where the location but the distance is in second not meter...example ....1m = 1s , 2m = 2s until 15m = 15s....i tried both 9.5 .0002 and 9.6 .0003 ....still have same result...

    1. I'm totally useless when it comes to any modifications to the mods, if you want to talk to professionals feel free to register here: