Saturday, January 3, 2015

9.5 Maggz Bot Detect+

Remember BOT detect from Locastan ? Mod was showing (ingame) reported BOT's ?
Well, Maggz revived this great mod with several new features. 

Bots get BOT!.png along with a new clan tag called BOT!.

General annoyances get WIPE!.png along with a clan tag called WIPE! (short for a$$wipe)

True and total a$$clowns will now get DICK!.png along with a clan tag called DICK!

currently this is in a beta phase. Keep in mind you will not see icons without use of XVM. You will still see the clan tags changed tho. So this works both with and without XVM. To use simply download and unzip the mod directly into your res_mods folder.

Now for the next portion of this mod. To help Maggz keep and maintain a database we need people to report [BOT!] players to Maggz in this thread so he can update and expand the database. To add them Maggz would really need some sort of proof, IE if they are a bot,general annoyance, or total dick Maggz will need replays do not link them to him here, use or eu. or whichever outside source you have to upload replays to. Maggz will be assigning some people to go over these replays and give you feedback whether your bot, annoyer, total dick, is deserving of this(these) lists. Currently Maggz has a small database imported from locastans latest project. So there is a means to also add your own custom players and such just like the old method, you can also add to your bots file as well as the other files directly on your PC.


  1. lol, i was on black list from they idiot mod, i speak with guy on german forum about removing my nick from the list coz im there accidently and explained on forum my case, they said ok we remove what they did not, after few weeks i try contact with them agaian, when i login to this idiot forum ise my topic was locked, i try contact with admin and he blocked me to contact with him, i try to other admin - same problem, i was o black list of admin. I think they stop improve this mod very quick :( i spoke with ASLAIN he check that and tell me on this file is about 500 users, file was no longer updated mean somebody put some nicknames on list of this mod for fun, lol, ASLAIN not use anymore on his modpacks this idiot mod, i hope i make a little bright about idiots mods !!! (sorry for my english but you do not need to be an eagle to figure out whats going on)

    1. i forget add im on the list from march 2012 where im not removed yet!! mean not ueseful mod please admin to remove this shit mod from this website !!

    2. Good to know they never forgive never forget :)
      Now please tell us your name so we can kill you on sight ?
      I guess I met you in one of these games where I was getting shot by ally cause he felt I am not suiciding as him enough ?

  2. If you have your name on this and wish to have it removed contact me VIA the main website I am hosting this on, DO NOT bother PK with that silly crap

    1. Maggz wgrałem twój mod do res_mod i nic się nie pokazało.Zupełnie nic.

  3. no way in hell HAHAHAHA
    einmal ein bot,immer ein verfluchter bot und somit für alle zeit,so lang es noch strom gibt,gebrandmarkt als bot für die dauer einer ewigkeit!
    ich nutze diese antobot mods schon so lange,und meine liste besteht momentan aus ca 1200 botters,auch weil ich mit meinem wot account bei jedem spiel mit jedem tank auf jeder map zu jeder uhrzeit mind. 2 bots immer in mein verdammtes team gerammt bekomme von wg.
    der rekord an bots in meinem team liegt zur zeit bei stolzen 8 bots die ich mal hatte.
    gefechtsanzahlen von 7k-71k,alles dabei an bottern.
    sogar im tier10 hat man auch noch bots!!!!
    danke plazma,ich werde den mod bei mir updaten.

    1. Sorry I will answer in English, my German is horrible.

      We need to help Maggz with this. This is the mod that will fight back WG and their idiot stance "the bot problem is NOT that bad".

      Anyone willing to help needs to report idiots here:

    2. u see how worth is this mod, from my side its not make sens ofcourse its a lot of bot users but what that change? is a milions users and u have 1200 on list but when i check magzz list is 344 "bot users" where the point to use that???
      if i have bot user in my team (i see lot of times) im not bother, bot go forward sometimes "dancing" on map but bot go froward and spot and sometimes shooting, help arty in few per cent, i think bot users are just a little bit worse then avg of all wot users, its illegal i know bot its nothing change on huge wot player list is too many players, u never catch all bot users and i think its stupid because if u dont like somebody you can put his id on list and its only problemi the game because when before start game many players from my and opponent team start write to me "BOT -REPORTESD" before battle start, and i wasrte time to write back not for playing and concentare on game that why i think its stupid mod. and can be used not as intended, maybe that why is 1200 users on german list ??? 5 bot users and 1195 players who upset him in the game??? you never know... good point is not many people use this shit mod, on this website 90% or more viewers looking only for forbidden mods not for shit like that....... hehe this mod helps to one person only-for his owner who think i catch all players hahaha - SELFISH. tell me what change in battle when bot playing?? bot go and spot and you camp and you wil destroyin one shot by arty when bot spotted you what you doing after?? ......REPORTED BOT BOT BOT!!!! ...... that you .... noob moron.... that all

    3. Mate, I would limit any asshole with more than 10k and below 800 wn8. Idiots like that do NOT need anything higher than tier 6. Unfortunately WG make's a lot of money just on idiots. You know the type: "oh but Mom I want a tier 8 prem and I just got to tier 3" or "I have no idea how this map even looks like but I have 3 tier 10's".

      Saying that good players only camp say's a lot about your "vision" on how WoT is played....

    4. Its only game and you sounds like that game be a real life, its only one winner Wg-make money on players for premium accounts and premium tanks, etc., sometimes you can win premium tanks, but players and they comment, nothing change, not many people bother about stats, just play for fun, if u upset uninstall game, IMHO this mod does not contribute to the game, only confusion at startup and during play. i spoke with WG about mods, they not care about mods, but they said if one of the players is affected by the MOD can report a civil suit to the court of cyberstalking or stalking depends a situation and they know of dozens of such cases, and the result are large compensation, im talking about WG users mean be on your beware mod creators, enough to think that somebody is not of an impact, I have nothing but mod creators who make game improvement, not sowing confusion and create hatred for the other player.

    5. Where is the fun getting killed with 0 damage done ??? It's like saying that getting raped is fun....
      People who play with bad results are either masochist's or idiots who believe that they are the ONLY one who is any good.

      Hehehehe, no I don't hate idiots, I just think that they are using too much air on this planet. Oh, I can get sued for this ??? One more proof that idiots are now the majority. God forbid you call an idiot, well an IDIOT...

      So tell me, how do we call someone that has 20k and around 500 WN8? Retard or BOT. Ohhh, I will get sued again...

      Whats next, I'll get sued that I killed someone and did not get spotted...

      WG said... Seriously !!! WG is the biggest bunch "we don't care" people in one company that I had ever seen !!! If they did their job properly non of these mods would be even made.

    6. i repeat, if you upset just unistall this game....

    7. If you don't like the mod, don't use it...

  4. i will support maggz!
    just installed again,and in use.

  5. hi, i have account from my friend for free and he not longer a play and his nickname is on list, how to remove, u know its not fair when players start write to me some idiot things if i just started and not my fault if on account is that bad stats i just want play for fun, somebody can help?

    1. Hello again, i forget add other player reported me as bot, i used once and removed this mod but others if use they reported me, i dont wanna blocked my account, i dont want change account or start new one, my avg efi per battle is about 1.5k-2k wn8 from 1k-8k (my record) i know this is good but stats looks bad and i want improve this account now. any help ?? Maggz can you delete nickname from this mod? Thanks for any help.

    2. if you have trouble reading, go to my website, I hardly check here to do any changes or reports to things. Post comments and reports to my forum. PK really cant fix any issues for you.

    3. It's a mod, it's NOT an official WoT sanction. If the account previously was marked up as a bot by the mod then ask Maggz through HIS website to get the account removed from the list. I would also add, that if you are marked up as a bot, the other players using the mod will also see ur stats, and if they don't reflect what u usually see for a bot then they shouldn't be bothered.

      As for the moron posting in the convo above...boohoo grow a pair. If ur crap and "I play for fun" it still means ur crap. Too bad. Other people will still see ur crappiness with you want XVM banned too because it shows ur crappiness? Un-effing- believable. Then will you want the game chat widow removed? Golden rule of thumb, the chattiest player trying to get the team to do what they want is usually the crappiest you fit that bill too?

  6. installed but not a single bot was detected or marked with any symbol,also there are no adding keys or anything...
    dont seems to work for me.

    1. you add these by reporting them on the website posted so I can do that. this does not have full functionality of the old one, you can also edit your own list, in ids-bot.json you need to add it by user id.

  7. AnonymousJanuary 4, 2015 at 11:26 AM
    1x detected & reported,automaticaly result in 1 week antibot check by wg.
    In this period you have to do the same average dmg,kills,exp & SPOTS as the most of your teams is doing.
    If not,your account is added & logged and by the next antibot cleanup time,your account is automaticaly banned & wiped.
    If yes,no panic,your account is 100% clean and cant get reported again after a specific period of time which i dont know yet. (maybe 1 month,who knows)
    sry my english it bad

  8. Wichtige info:
    Bots & botten sind ab sofort von WG erlaubt,ERWÜNSCHT und wird gefördert,wurde mir grad eben per ingame nachricht popup mitgeteilt!
    leider ist eine sekunde darauf mein spiel gecrasht,bzw. hat sich von allein geschlossen sodas ich von der nachricht keinen screeny machen konnte,sobald ich auf das ok fenster im spiel geklickt hatte ist das spiel zugegangen.
    Ich war ein paar tage nicht im spiel,nur grad eben mal ein einziges spiel angefangen und schon ach 20sekunden wurd ich aus dem spiel verbannt mit dem popup.
    Also benutzt auf KEINEN fall mehr das ingame report system kann ich euch nur raten,das ist sinnlos und zwecklos und wird auch nicht mehr bearbeitet und beachtet werden!
    mfg mike gluge