Wednesday, February 4, 2015


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- the bug where you could not activate the consumables on the test 3 was fixed already
- there will not be a HD E-100 in 9.6. In test 3, it was removed and switched back to SD version, as the developers will not be able manage to fix all the mistakes of the model until the release
- there is an issue in individual missions – if an IM requires you to capture base, you do but in the time between full capture and battle end, the last enemy vehicle gets destroyed, the battle will not count for the capture mission. This is apparently not a bug and it’s possible that “explaining text will be added” to the missions in the future
- Naydin medal is bugged atm, it will be fixed in 9.6

- according to the developers, the fact that FCM 36 with PAK 40 TD (also known as Marder I, German conversion) is in the French tree and not in the German one is historical: after the Normandy landings, captured obsolete French tanks converted by the Germans to TD’s were transferred to the Free French troops, who then used them in combat
- it’s possible that the game will offer the opportunity in the future to log into the game using your social network account. The security concerns of such a solution will however be addressed first.
- drowning yourself (suicide) before the battle is over is considered “unsportsmanlike behavior” and should be reported as such
- players complain about not completing individual missions even though they should have – many of those complaints are based on the fact that these players are using obsolete mods, that make the game show incorrect mission conditions, so be sure to check your mods, whether they are up to date – or remove them

- there are no plans to replace the invite codes with a permanent bonus (gold, premium time) for newly made accounts – “if you want gold, participate in WG events and competitions”
- currently, there is still a 5 arty per team hardcap in existence, it will not be reduced to lower number, average number of arty per team is 1-2
- there are no plans to introduce hardcap on non-mobile (not as dynamic) classes (TD’s) in the game, simply because “some players are coming to the game to relax”
- there are however changes happening to remedy the “shooting bushes” (AKA “invisible TD”) issue, for example the TD viewrange nerf or changes to maps
- developers are (relatively soon, but it might be delayed) add a “clan window” to the client, in which the player will be able to see all the info about a clan (which players are in it, what’s its status in CW, stronghold)
- no plans to introduce one-man training rooms
- no plans for WoT for Linux (Ubuntu or any other)
- it’s possible WoT Blitz might come for Windows Phone, but not anytime soon
- T-50-2 will not return to WoT, in the game it was unhistorical
- developers are considering an absolutely new game mode, there are several prototypes

- develolopers are working on missions for Clanwars. There are two types: for beginner clans of the “get certain amount of XP during landings”, “get a province with income higher than X” or “hold province for X turns” and for strong clans, such as “capture province X in Y turns”. They will be rewarded either by gold or by “other stuff”
- developers are not planning for now to introduce assist damage for knocking out enemy player’s engine
- current 9.6 test round has a bug not allowing you to activate medkits or repair kits. It will be fixes (SS: it was hotfixed this morning)
- the clan portal is constantly being developed, for example recently they added the stronghold info

- the tanks, that are given to supertesters and developers for testing are removed from them after the testing is over (this rule is same for supertesters and devs), but the tanks stay in their statistics, simply for the collection of info purposes
- ISU-130 will be handed to “WoT activists”, it will be as unique as the supertester T-44-122 tank. A regular player cannot get this tank, apart from the cases where they “help” Wargaming in various things (like being a moderator) (SS: WG RU forums have a cadre of “helper” assistant players on forums, that answer newbie questions)
- new IM season will come “when it’s done”, initially it was said that it would take cca half a year
- for now, there are no plans to return SU-76I to the shop
- developers and supertesters will be able to test the tier 8 FV4202 as soon as 9.6 on live servers
- Chieftain switch: “when it’s done it’s done”
- currently, for Strongholds, developers are working on the air recon, smokescreen consumables, bunkers and minefields. The level of smokescreen will probably influence its area (size), its duration and possibly its density (how much it affects the viewrange). Minefield level will possibly influence density of mines, the area size as well as mine damage. Air recon will, depending on the level, probably have different duration, raidus of spotted area. Bunkers will have three variants: turrets of KV-2, E-100 and one more tank. All these features will come neither in 9.6 nor 9.7. And of course, everything can change, it’s being tested now.
- “sufficient” amount of stuff does not pass supertest based on supertester feedback
- “Ork” doesn’t like the Battle Assistant mod, he thinks it’s uncomfortable
- products with WoT brand are not released by Wargaming itself but by a producer after signing a contract with Wargaming.
- matchmaker 3.0 does NOT mean that balancing of teams by vehicle tiers will disappear, that was just some “rumor”. The only thing that we know is that the tanks will be balanced by their “role in combat”. This is however still “Work in Progress”.
- all shells of the same type have the same normalization (there is no individual normalization for specific shells)
- on test server, WZ-111 (the Christmas marathon premium) has a different icon, it’s possible this was changed due to the fact that there were some issues with the old one
- for now, chromatic aberration effect is not planned for WoT
- someone asked me about the (incorrect) Portugal flag in the game (according to this thread) – passed it on to Storm, his answer was that it will be investigated
- TD viewrange nerf will not be compensated by any buffs for now, WG will watch the statistics though
- equipment from the tanks with nerfed viewrange will not be removed for free
- T95 model in test 3 should be correct
- Storm confirms that WG is not considering banning (not allowing) trollplatoons
- spotting system overhaul will come in “medium future” (SS: usually 3-6 months)
- it’s not yet sure (decided) how will the FV4202 replacement differ gameplay-wise from current tier 10 FV4202
- regarding the concern that STA-2 premium tank will be unplayable with full MM: “we’ll watch the statistics” (SS: am I the only one who has a problem with this? So they will knowingly sell something where they are not sure of the quality of the product – in this case, whether it’s properly balanced – and then they will watch the statistics instead of making sure it IS balanced in the first place?)
- various types of armored steel (with different brittleness for example) are not represented in WoT (SS: they used to be, very long time ago – some vehicles had different steel quality coefficients, this was removed because it was confusing to players)
- according to Storm, Wargaming implements armor as such: if there is an official document, they use official numbers. If there is no official armor thickness document, they decide the armor thicknesses themselves
- E-25 dimensions are unhistorical? “We made it according to sources we had at that time.” (SS: the argument was that the player thinks E-25 in the game is smaller than in real life, Storm disagress – funny about those sources available though, Panzer Tracts have been along for a long time)
It’s true, E-25 in the game is too small. Storm confirmed the model length, width and height in his answers. Here’s how they compare to real values from Panzer Tracts 20-1 by Hilary Doyle.
Ingame width according to Storm: 2,78 meters
Real width according to Doyle (PT 20-1): 3,41 meters
Ingame height according to Storm: 1,75 meters
Real height according to Doyle (PT 20-1): 2,03 meters
Ingame hull length according to Storm: 4,5 meters
Real hull length according to Doyle (PT 20-1): 5,66 meters
I smell a nerf. Anyway, back to Storm.
- the fact that Chasseur de Chars was used as tier 8 premium medium tank doesn’t mean that WG found a candidate for tier 8 medium tank
- Storm admits that the frontak plate angles on the SD model of IS-3 are wrong, it will be fixed in HD (SS: I don’t have the exact numbers, optically, it looks like a slight nerf, but I can’t really tell – fun fact, according to Yuri Pasholok even the HD model is somewhat wrong, it has some unhistorical elements, like that AA machinegun)
- Storm states that the WT E-100 replacement was not discussed yet properly
- FV215b switch to Chieftain is still planned
- if you vote in various WG polls (those that get sent by e-mail) without recieving your personal invitation by e-mail, your vote will not count
- there is a reason why the polls aren’t given to everybody – according to Storm, you need a defined number of answers to get the best results, plus WG doesn’t have the capacities to read answers from EVERYBODY
- Storm confirms that the alternative hulls will be connected to the suspension module
- IS-5 will not have limited MM, but it will have 221mm pen gun
- T-54 in HD model is not correct quality wise, it’s an “early HD model”, which will be reworked (its quality will be improved)
- T-54 HD colour is not correct, the correct HD Soviet colour is the one IS-7 has
- there are no planned changes to various national colours. If tanks of the same nation differ in colour, it’s a mistake
- Storm confirms that the developers are constantly working on the servers and the matchmaker and they are constantly improving the game (SS: hmmm speaking of servers, anyone on EU has REALLY bad lags last few days?)
- Storm states that unfortunately, it’s not possible to make only one or two big patches per year instead of more small ones, for various reasons
- Storm on upgrades to the game: “Serious improvements need a lot of time for development and testing. That’s why they are so rare and why they get delayed. It’s easier to work with content. But that doesn’t mean we should not work with it at all, right?” (SS: “content” in this case means new maps and tanks)
- Storm confirms that the developers won’t remove the platoon individual missions for now
- currently, developers are analysing the IM results, it’s too early to tell whether there will be any changes
- “more than 20″ tanks in HD will come in 9.7
- Q: “War Thunder has different gun elevations on tanks than WoT!” A: “I really don’t care what gun elevation WT has.”
- T28 TD will be replaced by an “early” T95 prototype, which will visually be quite similiar to the current T28
- alternative hulls will come after most tanks are reworked to HD
- T-34-3 buff? “We’ll have a look.”
- top gun of the LTTB LT doesn’t have rifling inside the barrel, it’s a bug
- in 9.6 test 2 there are also some mild hangar visual bugs
- the feature where the more battles you have on the tank, the more “worn” it would look (rusty, dirty) will not be implemented
- modern camouflages (such as the Berlin Brigade one for the British) are not planned for PC WoT
- serverside replays will in distant future (SS: IIRC, this was first announced in 2013… oh well)
- it’s possible that Havok will initially be implemented to affect only tanks (SS: as in, various junk falling off the tank when hit, without the realistic destruction part)
- on Russian server, the names of players participating in rigged IM battles will be published, but replays of the battles will not be made public in order “not to teach the audience how to misbehave”
Berlin Brigade camo for Xbox WoT version will be implemented according to The_Chieftain
- according to Storm, the height of Leopard 1 (SD) model in game is historical
- Q: “Why is there no exception for arty in the global accuracy nerf?” A: “Because it is global.”
- more info about the new shell distribution within aim circle will come “when it appears in the game”
- Storm states that limited MM for premium tanks was never one of the basic premium tank principles (requirements) – the fact that future premium tanks will not have limited MM does not mean that other “basic principles” (such as premium tanks being weaker than regular ones) will be broken, Storm emphasizes that this change is made with long-term perspective in mind
- IS-3 HD model surface (irregularities) was made both using polygons and normal mapping

- AMX ELC in HD? “When it’s done it’s done”
- WG does have enough materials for IS-3 HD modelling
- HD model of T95 will be changed still (the hatches will be made the way it was in 9.5)
- T29 in HD will come in “medium future” (SS: forgot the term I used for this, basically 3-6 months)
- it’s possible that Schmalturm Panzer IV in HD will get its side screens as collision model, it will also come in “medium future”
- Jagdpanzer E-100 in HD will come soon
- Luchs and Leopard to get buffed? “We have to watch the statistics”
- the fact you can disable the UI (by pressing V) does not mean Hardcore Mode (without UI) will be introduced, it’s for making videos (SS: yes, people actually ask this stuff)
- Storm does not know how WoT will react to Windows 10
- Storm considers the variant where the tanks are scratched and look “used” more correct than if the tanks looked like brand new from the factory
- for now, WG is not considering removing platoons from individual missions (not in 9.7 anyway)
- Evilly in informs that WG is aware that amongst the people, who already have the IM tanks on RU server are people, who got them through rigging their battles, specifically by forming platoons and then getting to the same battles on the same server in the night (low peak) by counting 3, 2, 1… and pressing battle button. These players will be investigated through logs and if found guilty, they will not only lose the tanks, but will also be punished according to rules.


  1. was der wt auf e100 soll weg?
    ok geht klar,aber dann muss auch der tier10 batchat weg,oder am besten gleich alle spielruinierenden verschissenen autoloaders weg,alle arty-ratten weg,logisch das auch diese deadstar scheiße weg muss wie fv215 183b usw..,sichtweite bei allen tanks auf genau 200meter begrenzen,jedliche tarnung aus dem spiel entfernen,usw... dann evtl. wird dieses spiel wieder spielbar werden!
    also jetzt sind diese wixxer völlig verstrahlt!!!

    1. Sorry I will answer English, my German is really terrible.

      The list of things WG needs to change and balance is a mile long. They have a ton of plans and just like last year they will implement maybe 5%.

      Just look the last years ASAP video, they promised sooooooo many things. What was done - very little...

  2. "- according to the developers, the fact that FCM 36 with PAK 40 TD (also known as Marder I, German conversion) is in the French tree and not in the German one is historical"

    Also WG und historisch korrekt passen nicht zusammen, ob die nun sowas behaupten oder nicht...

    1. Welll what do we have there, too

      Yes, the STA-2 really has a bad penetration for full MM. AT one side they don't want to create tanks with limited MM but at the other hand they create tanks with such bad guns. Sometimes i wonder how those guys at WG are thinking (like...first they buff the AwfulPanther and later this year they want to replace it)

      T28 will be replaced by T 95 Prot. Hmmm...the T95 IS the T28. So they want to replace the final product with the same tank but with another name, which was the prototype of the prototype (which is already in the game as T 28 Concept)?