Thursday, February 19, 2015


- according to developers, the statement that “accuracy nerf made premium vehicles with poor accuracy farm noticeably less credits” is not true
- the upcoming new motion physics will have no effect on game performance, as it is calculated server-side
- Storm doesn’t remember the numbers exactly, but for all vehicles with normal (non-derp) guns, the damage difference between 0.9.5 and 0.9.6 after the accuracy nerf was less than one percent
- regarding the question, why Wargaming doesn’t want to put serious hardcaps on any class including artillery: “If there are more vehicles of one class than we need, it means that the class is incorrectly balanced and we have to balance it correctly instead of introducing artificial hardcaps”
- TD as a class will not be “rebalanced” – Storm states that the statement that every team has 4-5 TD’s on average is false

- developers have not yet investigated, how 0.9.6 nerf influenced the survivability of small weakspot vehicles, such as Tortoise
- returning to the “non-critical areas of tanks being hit recieve only 50 percent damage is a stupid idea” statement by Storm, another player argues that this would be remedied by having a proper voiceover, saying “you did hit less critical area, you did less damage” – Storm replies that “it wouldn’t reduce butthurt anyway”
- the fate of Prokhorovka map is not decided yet (SS: earlier, it was mentioned it could be removed from the game with only Fiery Salient remaining)
- new render status? “I cannot say anything for now”
- Storm confirms that IS-3 HD model will have weaker frontal armor due to less favourable armor angle – specifically: earlier – 57-60 degrees (from horizontal), new angle is 61 degrees
- Storm states that he personally doesn’t care about e-sports, but there are other developers that do (SS: a lot of RU players are angry because of the IS-3 and other HD model delay due to WGL)
- Q: “Please explain to me, why the fuck are you touching arty?” A (Storm): “To fuck it up. You’re welcome.”
- developers can’t put a limit on MM not to throw you into the same map you already played on in last battle, it would mess with the MM mechanism
- physics will come in a separate test round, players won’t have to wait for 9.7 test for it
- physics test will be followed by a limited (addressed) poll, there will not be an all-player-poll in general most likely
- it’s possible that developers will introduce a “tank inspector” in the garage (you will be able to look at any tank, but not play it)
- internal module layout of all tanks will not be disclosed
- 9.7 will not bring spotting system rework
- AMX-30 “branch” will consist of two vehicles (AMX-30 Prototype and AMX-30B)
- French Somua S35 does not count as a part of the AMX-30 branch: “it’s another branch”, it will be a limited minibranch of tiers 2 to 5
- the tank, from which AMX-30 will be unlocked, will be announced later to avoid the “we already grinded the XP!” whine
- a server on Crimean peninsula will most likely not be started
- new motion physics will not influence shell trajectory or shell physics
- WT E-100 will not be replaced in 9.7
- in new motion physics, tipping the tank on the roof will work the same way as drowning: there will be a counter and after that, the tank gets destroyed if it doesn’t tip back on tracks
- new camos, inscriptions and emblems will be implemented, but no ETA for now
- the physics test will come in very late February, or early March
- it’s possible Super Pershing will be reworked to HD in 9.7
- new contact list still has some issues, they will be fixed
- HD IS-3 will come in 9.8
- for now, buff to Batchat ammo carried is not planned
- the physics test will consist of two servers – one with “realistic” physics and one with “simplified” physics
- slowly, step by step, limited MM premiums will be removed from sales
- for now, Type 62 will not be buffed (not in 9.7 anyway)
- A-32 will not be reworked to HD or rebalanced anytime soon
- KV-5 will not be buffed
- Dx12 support is not even in plans for now
- alternative hulls will come “when it’s done it’s done”
- Xbox One WoT grass render (improved grass) will come to PC – it’s in the process of rework
- Xbox One WoT HD models had no influence on PC HD model schedule
- currently there are no plans for tier 10 light tanks
- T34 (premium) will not be rebalanced
- 0.9.6 accuracy change did not bring significant change in the percentage of penetrating shots in the game
- platoon missions to be removed from IM’s? “I cannot say anything yet”, later on however Storm states they will stay
- the physics test ETA is the end of February or March
- the amount of HD models in 9.7 is “less than 20″ (and these models include also the new French HD tanks, so it’s more like 15 reworked HD models)
- developers do have a list of models sorted by HD priority, but in the end, the models are not released in this order anyway, they are rather released “when they are ready”
- the changes to IM’s in the future will include bug fixes and changing those missions that “interfere with team gameplay”

- 9.7 itself will not be delay because of e-sports
- Leopard 1 lost less than 0,5 percent of accuracy after 0.9.6
- what are the “viewrange and other system things” mentioned to be reworked by Storm after 9.7? “No comment for now”
- Storm states that when he said that some guns now do 2 percent less damage after 0.9.6 accuracy nerf, this concerns the least accurate artillery guns, Storm does not consider this a serious drop of vehicle performance
- developers are thinking about the artillery concept as a whole, but haven’t for now decided what to do with it
- 2-arty-per-team hardcap will not be implemented, this was discussed already in 8.6
- the changes in Bigworld in 9.7 will mostly be internal. Wargaming expects performance increase from it (maybe even significant), but they haven’t tested it yet, so “no promises”
- the abovementioned performance increase would be the result of “many small system optimizations”
- the Bigworld upgrade however does not mean that the “twitching” of icons beyond your viewrange on minimap will stop
- developers are still thinking (discussing) whether the 2 percent drop in damage done after 0.9.6 warrants another accuracy change
- “old” pre-nerf (very old) HE system will not be returned
- HE shells will apparently not have realistic shockwave behavior (sort of “flowing” into open topped tanks for example) due to issues with inconsistent performance (SS: as in, the results would be uncomprehensible for players)
- Storm comments on Armored Warfare feature of “hitting vehicle-critical area deals additional damage, hitting non-critical areas like rangefinders deals 50 percent less damage”: “this would produce too random shooting results when firing at longer distances – at a “silhouette””
- after 0.9.9, it’s completely possible patches will be numbered like 0.9.10, 0.9.11 etc.
- Q: “Open topped TD’s suck – they get discovered when firing quickly, they have no armor and now they have less viewrange than heavies!” A: “It happens.”
- more than half of the work on the new motion physics was the effort to make it run on current WoT servers (so they aren’t “overloaded”)
- new motion physics completely eliminate the issue, where the tank, going close to a wall (rock) gets “stuck” on some tiny piece of the object and moves only very slowly or not at all
- individual missions will not go away, there is no time limit to complete them
- new set of individual missions (new reward tanks) will not come soon, possibly even next year
- RNG will not be reduced from 25 to 10, not even for esports
- new render range (circle) will be cca 564 meter radius (a circle of 1km2 surface)
- the new individual mission changes for 9.7 are not ready yet, it’s not yet clear whether the mission to destroy 3 enemy tanks with one shot will disappear
- XP buff for arty (so it gets as much XP as if it wasn’t firing by someone else’s spotting) was not discussed yet
- servers are being constantly upgraded
- Dicker Max will not have its 400 meter viewrange nerfed
- a player wishes all historical WW2 vehicles to be in HD by May. Storm states that unfortunately that will not happen.
- in both simplified and full motion physics (see previous post), a handbrake turn (“police turn”) will be possible
- 9.7 will not bring multiturret mechanism
- ramming mechanism will be reworked soon
- Object 263 will not be buffed for now
- PvE will come only in distant future
- new gun and engine sounds will come in medium future, same goes for new grass and tree render
- it’s possible but not sure that in distant futures, clouds will move like in WoWs
- it’s not sure whether the TD viewrange changes are final, developers will watch statistics
- it’s possible Japanese heavies will come in 2015
- developers know about the “7/55″ TB exploit, it will be fixed and those who used it will be punished
- developers are hard at work on the new motion physics, test will come soon. There will be two test versions: one will be more realistic with intertia and one will be more arcade-like, with some overrides (fixes) for better maneuverability
- developers are also working a lot on individual missions: descriptions are being fixed, many conditions will change, there will also be interface changes. Some of it will be implemented via a micropatch, some things will appear in upcoming patches
- analysis of the 9.6 accuracy changes shows that the amount of hits and amount of damage done after the change dropped by 0,5 to 2 percent. The amount of loss is depends directly on the vehicle accuracy and shooting distance. The biggest nerf happened to artillery.
- several HD models were removed from 9.7 content: AMX-50/100, IS-3 and Pershing. These vehicles had their collision models changed somewhat and since they are actively used in cybersports and there will be WGL grand final around the time of 9.7, these vehicles will be delayed to only after 9.7
- circular render range will come relatively soon. In 9.7, new BugWorld version will come and then Wargaming will deal with system matters, such as viewrange


  1. stupid shit at best ,,, batchat base view 400 meters , but the wtf 100 , which is 3 times the height of it , can only see a base of 380 ? ,,, BULLSHIT lol its just more crap to slowly turn this into world of heavy tanks , which is why i tell all our clan members DO NOT buy premium tanks or accounts, its just a waste of money

    1. Happy to say that I never spent a dime on this game :)

  2. ""- the tank, from which AMX-30 will be unlocked, will be announced later to avoid the “we already grinded the XP!” whine""

    which means ,,, so they can fuck you over and make you grind another shit tank out or pay them to free xp it ,, LOL another scam by scumbags