Friday, February 27, 2015


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- the “klaxon” (horn) feature was scrapped a long time ago
- the option to buy gold ammo for actual gold (while leaving the option to buy it for credits) will not be removed
- the list of individual missions that will be changed is already assembled, it will be revealed in 9.7 test
- Storm states that physics test will start “within days”

- turret armor of IS-6 in the game is historical (won’t be buffed)
- Jagdtiger 88 armor will most likely not be changed much during its rework to HD (SS: the unhistorical LFP will stay)
- from time to time, when a battle ends, the client crashes. This is a known bug and will be fixed.
- post-mortem camera (specifically which friendly tank you will view next) apparently works as intended
- Storm is not sure whether the platoon spectator mode was postponed again
- Storm statest that T95 was NOT nerfed in HD (specifically the hatch weakspot size, clearance remained the same as well)
- physics test client will be based on 9.2 version, eg. some maps will be old (pre-changes) and only those HD vehicles, that were available in version 9.2 will be on the test
- Storm states that something like weather will come, but developers have to be really careful in implementing such stuff
- in new physics, the handbrake is mapped to the “spacebar” key. If you have something else mapped there (like fire extinguisher), you’ll have to remap one or another
- new motion physics will come neither in 9.7 nor in 9.8 – this is just a test for feedback collection, after the test it will be decided what comes next
- new motion physics (NMP) does NOT mean that the suspension of SD tank models will suddenly start behaving like HD one (independent suspension)
- historical Porsche type transmission will not be implemented for now
- Havok will come only after very long time (SS: definitely not anytime soon, “long KTTS” usually means around a year)
- NMP has no influence on client performance, it is calculated server-side
- when you get tipped on your roof, you will get the same countdown as when drowning, if you don’t manage to get back on your tracks within the time limit, you will explode
- NMP does not mean net the traffic will increase
- rails (the railway irons) will not become physical objects. This would significantly increase how complex the collision model is and it would lead to server performance drop
- the point of the physics test is to find out how good the NMP gameplay is
- some players are very angry about the content left out from 9.7 due to e-sports. Storm doesn’t consider it that big of a deal.
- Q: “War Thunder has tanks that smear themselves with “brown substance”” A: “If it’s interesting for them, let them smear themselves with it.”
- tanks getting dirty from mud in WoT apparently won’t come anytime soon, as there are many other issues with WoT to be solved first

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