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9.6 Wide Border


Thursday, March 19, 2015

9.6 SAE Auto Aim V9.8 (huge THANK's to Wolf for sharing)


9.6 Stealthz Hack Pack English Version (edited by Gox, HUGE THANK's from all of us)


9.6 [ZJ] AimBot-Shaytan Build 037 Demo (huge THANK's to Wolf for sharing)


This version will work until 31.03.15.

The Skin That Made My Day (SerB Hit Zone)

Now I want all 8-10 tier tanks done like that !!!


9.6 Intuition Mod

This will display the name of the tank who is aiming at you (this will work only for spotted vehicles).

Invite Code For EU

1000 gold
7 day's premium account
T2 Light Tank


9.6 Stealthz Hack Pack (updated 17.03.15,)


9.6 Dark Team Tundra V1.2 (updated 18.03.15)


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Source Link

-9.7 will not bring changes to individual missions, 9.8 will bring a large set of changes however;
-It's not possible to release the set of changes via a mini-patch;
-Platoon finder will not come in 9.7 or 9.8, but later;
-The IM changes will include both description fixing and actual changes in IM conditions;
-It's not clear yet whether the penetration changes in first 9.7 test will appear in final 9.7 version, developers will think about it (it's possible it will, it's possible it will not);
-It's not clear what the conditions for making a difference between newbie and experienced player on tiers 1-3 are (RG: Seriously?);

Saturday, March 7, 2015

9.6 Deutscher_Adler Pack

Remember Cheat Pack For Skilled by SpongeDoc ? So far the most visited/downloaded hack pack on the blog. Separate mods in 21 folders. Basic for any hack pack.

Well, thanks to Deutscher_Adler we now have exclusive rights to accesses one of the biggest collection of exploits for WoT.
250 folders !!!
Literally everything !!!

9.6 AimBot-Shaytan v0.9.6 Build 034 Demo


This version will work until 31.03.15.

Friday, March 6, 2015

For The Record

As you all know For The Record was THE place for any information on WG and World Of Tanks. It has been around to see and comment on many subjects. Raised a huge audience, made a lot of people angry for telling it how it is (not how WG would like it to be). FTR posted news about WG even before WG posted it on their own official site.
SilentStalker (FTR owner) announced yesterday that he is stopping FTR. Why ? Well he is the new content manager and historical adviser to (Armored Warfare).
You can read the details about the whole thing here: LINK 

From now on, for any information on WoT we will need to visit Ritagamer’s new blog:

 Personal note from me:

SilentStalker I wish all the best on your new job. Thank you for all the good and bad news that you brought us. Thank you for the great work.

 Best regards PK.

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9.6 Tweaked Engine_Config.xml To Fix Micro-Freezes

The aim of this tweak is to eradicate the battle micro freezes caused by textures/sounds/effects/etc on the fly load. With this tweak everything will be preloaded during the battle loading stage.

This will increase your battle loading times, RAM and GPU RAM usage. Hint: defrag the partition where WoT is installed to optimize loading times.

How to install:
Unpack the .rar file into your WoT folder overwriting the existing file.

How to uninstall:
Delete res\engine_config.xml and rename res\original_engine_config.xml to res\engine_config.xml.

9.6 Stealthz Hack Pack (updated 01.03.15) Huge THANKS To Gox