Tuesday, March 3, 2015


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- the original goal in new physics was not to literally create a handbrake, but to allow players to block the tracks with a key. The name “handbrake” came later as a result of how it looks.
- it seems IS-5 will not be a premium tank after all, but a CW reward tank
- the bug where instead of quitting the battle normally the client crashes is known, it will be fixed
- the version of the game from which the physics videos were made, that were later given to the community contributors, was different from the one released on the test server, it was a developer build
- World of Tanks made more than 500 million USD in 2014, becoming the third largest CIS internet company in revenue after Yandex and Mail.ru.

- even if the tanks turn more quickly in new physics, this will not be compensated by an aimtime gun nerf
- one of the ways considered to simplify the motion physics and make the tanks more user friendly than they are on the test is the following: pressing W – you go forward. Stop pressing W while going forward, an extremely experienced driver will stop the tank as fast as possible without sliding. Press S while going forward, the tracks will lock (the way the handbrake does in current physics test) – it works the same way when you go backwards and press W. The handbrake works only until the tank starts moving to the direction, indicated by the key you are pressing (eg. starts reversing after going forward, when you keep pressing S).

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