Saturday, March 7, 2015

9.6 Deutscher_Adler Pack

Remember Cheat Pack For Skilled by SpongeDoc ? So far the most visited/downloaded hack pack on the blog. Separate mods in 21 folders. Basic for any hack pack.

Well, thanks to Deutscher_Adler we now have exclusive rights to accesses one of the biggest collection of exploits for WoT.
250 folders !!!
Literally everything !!!

If you want to support Deutscher_Adler Pack you can do it here.


1. Advanced Aim 0.9.6 (incl. Save shot Numpad5)
2. Advanced Aim 0.9.6(show config pls)
4. AGQJ ENGINE SOUNDS(original Aerial_Gunner)
6. AGQJ GUN SOUNDS(original Aerial_Gunner)
8. Aimbot Sae Numpad Minus
9. Aimbot ZorroJan (build27) (Numpad - )
10. Aimbot Walhalla_v1 (allways on)
11. Aimbot Walhalla_v2 (Numpad -)
12. Aimbot - LPT (NumPad -)
13. Aimtime display for arti
14. American Tank Inscriptions(only on american tanks)
16. Auto Start Quests
17. Auto Equip
18. Auto fire extinguisher
19. Autorepair and extinguisher
20. Battle Aassistant 0.9.5 1.2.5 (KEY_NUMPAD PERIOD)
21. Battle Assistant 0.9.6 (KEY_NUMPAD PERIOD)
22. Battle messenger chat filter antispam V.2.7.6
23. Battle Shell Cooldown Button v.2
24. Broken Destructibles KEY_NUMPAD 8
25. Broken Destructibles v2 (Zabor)
26. Cache Cleaner WoT
27. CDP
28. Change atk Marker 0.9.6.
29. Chat Channel Mod Deutscher_Adler
30. Circle Mod 15 Meter Numpad 0
31. Collored Chassis T7-T10
32. Compact Techtree
33. Crew Sounds Picius War Thunder 1.1
34. Crew Voice Borderland 2 (en)
35. Crew voice Duke Nukem Reloaded (en)
36. Crew Voice Red Alert 3
37. Crew Voice Undefined Source
38. Crew icons and Ranks (Atmaxx)
39. Damage Indicator (broken glass effect)
40. Damage Indicator (bullet effect)
41. Damage Indicator DIKEY93
42. Damage Indicator GrandpaKiss
43. Damage Panel Gambiter Standart
44. Damage Panel round Shity
45. Damage Panel Shitys
46. Damage Panel Walhalla middle special
47. Damage Panel Walhalla Mini (de)
48. Damage Panel Walhalla Mini (en)
49. Damage Panel Walhalla
50. Damage Panel Zayaz
51. Damage Sticker metallic effect
52. Damage Panel Walhalla Retro
53. Death Match announcer - V3 with config
54. Death Match announcer (Male and female)-V.2
55. Death Match announcer (Male and female)
56. Destroyed objects on the minimap (Destructible Box By LSDMAX)
57. Destroyed objects on the minimap horn (numpad 2)
58. Deutsche WW2 Panzer Aufschriften (UNCUT!!!)
59. Deutscher_Adler_Basic_Installer_0.9.6.1.msi
60. Deutscher_Adler_Mod_Installer.exe
61. Deutscher_Adler_Mod_Installer.msi
62. Direction indicator enemy (LSDMAX Direction Box)
63. Gold ammo indicator - different versions
64. Display penetration vs. Armor in sight(armor gui)
65. Extended modul text
66. Extended text for crew skills
67. Fix any builds with german flags
68. GnomeFathers Engine Sound 0.59
69. GnomeFather Gun Sounds 1.95
70. Hangar 15th birthday German
71. Hangar Berlin
72. Hangar Berlin music and chatter
73. Hangar Bat Cave
74. Hangar Factory
75. Hangar Siegfried line
76. Hangar Geman Fronline
77. Hitzone Mod (only fuel and ammo rack)
78. Infopanel Enemy and Ally v2 (over ammo and rep panel)
79. Infopanel Enemy and Ally V3 Minimal Info
80. Infopanel Enemy and Ally
81. Ingame Radio (Nationalist edition)
82. Killmutex (multistart)
83. Kreigstreiber Gunsounds v3.083
84. Kriegstreiber Engines 0.9.6
85. Kriegstreiber Engines v3
86. Kriegstreiber Gunsounds 0.9.6
87. Kriegstreiber Hitsounds v3.021
88. Lasermod Walhalla multicolor NUMPAD 7
89. Maggz Bot Detect Mod
90. Messinger with scroll function by Fenster
91. Modification Destructible (30.0003)
92. Modification Destructible (LSDMAX Version)
93. Modification Intuition (ru)
94. Modification Translocation (00.0001) (something was hit mod)
95. Modification Y (redball + aimbot)
96. No Fog Max Sight
97. Own Vehicle Destroy Timer
98. P_Mod
99. P_mod 0.9.6 Zoom x12
100. P_mod 0.9.6 Zoom x16
101. P_mod 0.9.6 Zoom x24
102. P_mod 0.9.6 Zoom x32
103. P_mod 0.9.6 Zoom x60
104. P_mod 0.9.6 Zoom x8
105. P_mod Extended Config
106. Piciu's War Thunder Gun Sounds 1.83
107. Progress Indicator Text Mod (better text in mission center)
108. Pyro Mod (Arsonist-Firestarter)
109. Reco´s Vertical Techtree_v9.6.1
110. Red Poll Mod
111. Redball Mod (ProstoNoob) - english
112. Redball Mod (ProstoNoob) - german
113. Redball Mod (ProstoNoob)
114. RedBall v2 (Quami)
115. Reload OTM (ZorroJan)
116. Reload OTM (ZorroJan) (build060)
117. Reload OTM 0.9.6 lporti
118. Reload OTM V3 incl. direction (Quami)
119. Reload OTM Walhalla standart (old but good)
120. Reload OTM ZorroJan v.028 beta
121. Rep Timer for Damage Panel
122. Replays Manager (ru)
123. Roughneck Radio Pandora needed addons
124. Roughneck Radio Pandora
125. Better Item Icons v.2
126. Better LogIn Screens v1
127. Better LogIn Screens v2
128. Better LogIn Screens v3
129. Better LogIn Screens v4
130. Better LogIn Screens v5
131. Scriptloader only
132. ServerAim (en) KEY_NUMPAD SLASH
133. Sexy Battle Loading Screen
134. Shadow Mod LSDMAX
135. Shadow Mod
136. ShadowMod (Quami)
137. Sixth Sense Animated Radiowave
138. Sixth Sense Animated Yellow Star - Walhalla
139. Sixth Sense Basic (I see you)
140. Sixth Sense Symbol Kriegstreiber
141. Sixth Sense Symbol yellow skull
142. Sixth Sense Symbol Sauron
143. Sniper Mod for Arti KEY_NUMPAD PERIOD
144. Soul's of dead tanks
145. Spoter Armoring Extended
146. Spoter Crew Extended (de)
147. Spoter Crew Extended (en)
148. Spoter Direction Box Extended
149. Spoter Repair Extended
150. Spoter Spotted Extended – Firefly mod
151. Spoter vehicle XP extended (english)
152. Spoter vehicle XP extended (german)
153. Spotted Mod v2 KEY_NUMPAD 9
154. Spotted Mod v3 KEY_NUMPAD 9
155. Squad Team Mod
156. Voice mod Kriegstreiber
157. Voice mod Bud Spencer & Terence Hill
158. Voice mod Call of Duty
159. Voice mod Duke Nukem (de)
160. Voice mod Ivan
161. Voice Mod RitterKreuz
162. Voice mod Ritterkreuz V.2.8
163. Voice mod Sgt Hartmann V.1.
164. Voice mod Sgt Hartmann V.2.
165. Voice mod Sinnlos im Weltraum 1.0.1
166. Voice mod Spruch nachgeladen
167. Voice mod Tiger Ass
168. Tactical maps on loadscreen
169. Tank Icons realistic (131 Tanks)
170. Team Hp minimal version
171. Team HP pool by atmaxx
172. TessuMod – Teamspeak Mod
173. Tracer Mod
174. Traser only for arty
176. Tundra.exe
177. Tundra NumPad 1 Walhalla standart
178. Tundra.exe
179. User Endless Ignor List
180. Vehicle Icons with Country Flaggs
181. Vehicle XP Extended - (english)
182. Vehicle_exp_extended - (german)
183. Gun sight Deggie
184. Gun sight Deggie reworked blue
185. Gun sight Deggie reworked green
186. Gun sight Deggie
187.Gun sight Detector - orginal clipbar
188. Gun sight Detector
189. Gun sight J1mB0s
190. Gun sight Kellerman
191. Gun sight Maggz
192. Gun sight MelthyMap Arty sight only
193. Gun sight MelthyMap complette
194. Gun sight MeltyMaps Protractor only
195. Gun sight minimalistic Walhalla
196.Gun sight Predator
197. Gun sight Roughnecks
198. Gun sight Schwenkbalken
199. Gun sight Terminator
200. Gun sight Walhalla_V2
201. Gun sight WoWP green
202. Gun sight WoWP white
203. Walhalla Arti Servercross
204. Walhalla Auto Bal. Calculator
205. Walhalla Target Lock Info
206. Walhalla Team Hp Mod v1
207. Walhalla Team Hp Mod v2(standart)
208. Walhalla Achievements Info
209. Walhalla Aim Correction
210. Walhalla Ally Outlines NUMPAD 4
211. Walhalla Something was hit (de)
212. Walhalla Something was hit (en)
213. Walhalla Soemthing was hit (ru)
214. Walhalla Something was hit v2(with config)
215. Walhalla Chat Filter
216. Walhalla Deathmatch by loca
217. Walhalla Direction Box
218. Walhalla Enemy Outline V.1 (NumPad_3)
219. Walhalla Hangar Changer (de)
220. Walhalla Hangar Changer (en)
221. Walhalla Hangar Vehicle Info
222. Walhalla Laser V2 (with config)
223. Walhalla Minimap Sight NumPad 6
224. Walhalla Radio National (Volk&Heimat)
225. Walhalla Radio National Balladen
226. Walhalla Radio National Blackmetal
227. Walhalla Radio National Hardcore
228. Walhalla Radio National Rock
229. Walhalla Reload enemy+allies
230. Walhalla Research
231. Walhalla Sight Info extra(de change in Config)
232. Walhalla Spot Informer
233. Walhalla Tactical Map (yaotzinv) NumPad+
234. Walhalla WG Rating (withoutXVM)
235. Warlance Pack 0.9.6 for XVM
236. Warlance Pack 0.9.6 non XVM
237. Warlance Pack 0.9.6.ver.2.1.0
238. White collored Track Chassis
239. White hitzone only hightiers
240. White damaged tracks
241. White damaged train cars
242. White Death Tanks
243. Wot Statistic without P_Mod v2
244. Wot Statistic without P_Mod
245. WOT TWEAKER V2.5 FOR PATCH 0.9.6.exe
246. WOT TWEAKER V2.5 FOR PATCH 0.9.6.rar
247. XVM config Walhalla(XVM-v.6) 1 Row Carousel
248. XVM config Walhalla(XVM-v.6)
249. XVM Config update (Hp On Minimap) Key_LAlt 
250. XVM Basic


  1. What a collection. You guys are cool,,
    Big thanks to. Plazma Keks and Deutscher_Adler

  2. great work, only i have one request
    159. Voice mod Duke Nukem (de) - the english version plz
    thx and keep up the great work

  3. 35. Crew voice Duke Nukem Reloaded (en)

  4. There are no new illegal mods here, nothing to be excited about. No 3D hitzone, only painted on hitzone markers.

  5. How many Gb´s are that? I mean all mods together ?

    1. Every mod is separate.... Just put your cursor on any of them, you will see it's a download link...

    2. it is 3.8gb total dl

  6. If you unpack all files thats are nearly 17GB

  7. 27. CDP , 65. Extended modul text , 131. Scriptloader only , 236. Warlance Pack 0.9.6 non XVM
    where to get more info about those ? Thank You Very Much

  8. 27. CDP its the script for damage Panels
    65. better/bigger description for the Tankmodules but i think this was in german!
    131. Scriptloader only -> is the scriptloader and the dummy file for the mod folder in res_mods
    236. Warlance Pack---> Warlance is a scripter and this is the actually pack ---->here the HP ---->

  9. mate PayPal link dont works.

  10. if nothing illegal, then what's the point? only distorts the game!

  11. white damaged tracks (no. 240) doesn't work for me

  12. hm i dont know why the Paypal link sometimes not work!?
    its sometimes a problem from Paypal!

  13. white crashed tracks updated!

  14. Forgive me for my asking but is there a way to change the active and deactive buttons for red ball mod?

  15. Sorry to say this but the Red Ball Modifications have no Hotkey for ON/OFF!
    2 different scripts ! 1 from ProstoNoob and second from Quami but both scripts are
    opfuscated(protected) that calls i cant set a hotkey in the scripts or rework them!
    With the other scripts it was easy to insert hotkeys or rework the scripts to work with
    0.9.6 but with the redball scripts is for me not possible! And ProstoNoob do at the moment
    nothing, and quami do since 2 month nothing with wot modifications! That calls i cant talk with
    the both about hotkeys!

  16. Anyone know which aimbot works the best?

  17. Heilige scheiße,was für freakstuff!
    Man DAS MUSS ne unglaubliche arbeit gewesen sein alda.
    DANKE DIR!!!!!!!

  18. endlessignolist ist aber von 9.5,ich habs versucht aber bei 9.6 nicht zum laufen gebracht.
    nix was irgendwo ein menü öffnen oder anzeigen würde um leute chatbannen zu können.
    jemand rat dazu?

  19. nein das endlos igno list script ist für 0.9.6! es hebt einfach de begrenzung auf die du hast!
    normal ist bei 300 igno schluß! aber wenn mal nen paar jahre spielst ist die liste ausgereitzt und nix geht mehr!
    Und genau das hebelt das script aus! Du kannst also imm er weiter die Leute auf die igno setzen ohne das die meldung kommt die Liste ist voll! Und es funktioniert 100% :) ich weiß doch wieviele ich auf der Igno habe :D

  20. achsoooooooo
    man wenn´s dich nich gäb :D
    würd ich per macro wieder meine volle igno liste reinigen lassen müssen.
    irgendwas einstellen am mod ist dann wohl nicht nötig oder?
    einfach installiern und gut is.

  21. ja einfach reinkopieren und die sperre is ausgehebelt!

  22. rusischer text in der xml,da hab ich paar sachen verändert.
    das alle mods immer nur in rusisch sind,komisch.


  23. Sorry, wenn ich frage... gibt es irgendwo genauere Beschreibungen zu den Mods (oder gar Screenshots)?
    Und gibt es das Walhalla_skill_info.pyc noch irgendwo?

  24. Beschreibungen und bilder sind noch nicht ganz fertig! Die waren für mich zweitrangig die scripte waren
    mir wichtiger das die sauber laufen! Walhalla_skill_info ? Das dir ingame die skills anzeigt oder welches ist das?

  25. Jup. Es gab da mal einen Post von Dir im WOT-Forum...

  26. :D nur bin das nicht ich :D aber er hat nen schönes avatar und wir kennen uns gut! Besser gesagt persöhnlich seit Jahren!

    1. Sorry, mein Fehler. Meinst Du, Du kannst mal nachfragen, ob es das Mod noch gibt und er es vielleicht zur Verfügung stellen kann?

  27. Klase Klasse Klasse
    BTW welcher Mod ist denn der X-ray Mod, den hab ich irgendwie nicht gefunden

  28. enemy outline denke ich ist was du suchst

  29. Sorry the prem time from the hoster is out! after the donate from Mr Warhead we need only 3,50€ for buy next month hostspace! Is one from the 16000 User so friendly and spend this money?

  30. It was now really a hard way to have 5€ donation for the server!
    Here the folder link with all the modifications to download!

  31. Please can someone help me ? I can not download the file, I can not find thx

  32. Plazma have to update the links! the are not right after the server was down!
    download it direct from the modfolder!
    you can there select what you want and easy download the single files!

  33. Hi!
    Links are dead!
    other working?

    1. There is a link under the picture :)
      The pack was updated, this is the new link

  34. Is there an aim bot with a weak point option in this pack ?