Wednesday, March 4, 2015

9.6 Tweaked Engine_Config.xml To Fix Micro-Freezes

The aim of this tweak is to eradicate the battle micro freezes caused by textures/sounds/effects/etc on the fly load. With this tweak everything will be preloaded during the battle loading stage.

This will increase your battle loading times, RAM and GPU RAM usage. Hint: defrag the partition where WoT is installed to optimize loading times.

How to install:
Unpack the .rar file into your WoT folder overwriting the existing file.

How to uninstall:
Delete res\engine_config.xml and rename res\original_engine_config.xml to res\engine_config.xml.



  1. who was testing it ? is it working ?

  2. for a MUCH simpler & saver solution use the "PRELOAD SOUNDS" option from the WoTTweakerPlus.096 :D
    Its the same LOL
    Microfreezes is a litle reduced thats true,but cpu & ram load & gamestart / map loading time will take a bit longer.
    With use of any good SSD (Solid State Disc) ,freezes are verry low or not to see anymore.

  3. I heavily disagree with anon up here, this script does all the preloads not just sounds.
    -better fps
    -no jitter ingame
    -longer load -somewhat
    -more ram
    final thoughts: do try it out if u have enough ram
    p.s. it is complementary to wot tweaker not substitute so it adds up performance boost.

    1. "final thoughts: do NOT? try it out if you have enough ram"

    2. do try it helps in combination with tweaker i worded it badly

  4. I have this mod on my Mod Pack for more than 6 months and it works great. It preloads many items so you dont get those freezes caused by disk access during the game.

  5. much better with this mode

  6. enough ram means a minimum of 4gb ddr3 system ram and 2gb gddr5 grafic ram for all the rookies here.
    i use a ssd disc and i never had any freeze in wot.
    sometimes litle lags as result of overloaded servers is normal in wot,and there is nothing you can do about that.
    btw: play wot with laptop is a joke from some clowns!

  7. "you use a ssd disc"

    have you install windows on it too ? or only WoT ? I'm interesting to buy a ssd disc, but i don't reinstall windows... and i'm afraid that just install WoT on SSD disc is useless...

    thanks in advance your answer

    1. For once I can write something smart :)

      I use the Samsung 840 EVO SSD. You get special software with the ssd that will automatically move your OS to the ssd. Windows works like on rocket fuel when on a ssd.
      WoT is also installed on the ssd. Game loads in 5 second, battle loads 10-5 second before the actual 30 sec. countdown, no laggs, no glitches.
      Probably the best investment into the WoT PC that I ever did.
      A good 120 gb ssd will cost you around 60-70 euros. Do NOT buy the cheapest once, they are worlds apart from this new generation. For instance Samsung 850 series or Kingston Fury is the bang for buck.

      As I said, best investment into my pc after moving from AMD to Intel :)

    2. thank you very much for these informations !
      "You get special software with the ssd that will automatically move your OS to the ssd. Windows works like on rocket fuel when on a ssd." i didn't know that it is possible !!
      "Do NOT buy the cheapest once" you're right ! i'm rich, 70 euros is not a problem for me ^^

    3. C: is my ssd disc from samsung 840 evo,also where i have wot installed of course.
      512gb for c: to work & play.
      imagine how fast ddr3 ram is,the same has a good ssd disc.
      Boot time with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit in 10-11 seconds.
      Wot start in 1-2seconds,map loading time in 2 seconds,no microfreezes you can see,lags sure sometimes but this is the result of overloaded servers in wot and to reduce that just set the network TTL value from 32 to 64 or 128.
      Dont defrag ANY SSD disc,or you will reduce the lifetime.
      Any precache from windows is useless for ssd discs.
      Normal hard discs have some access,read & write times of 8-20milliseconds,a good ssd have 0,004milliseconds.
      Now think about to access & read every single windows file for a boot for a normal hard disc and set for every file 15milliseconds for it,jep thats the result of 40 seconds boot time or longer.
      Software samsung magican can help to tweak your samsung ssd for more speed,or longer lifetime or more stability,...ect.

  8. So ich habs mal getestet mit allem drum und drann als beispiel zum vergleichen.
    Erst ganz normales wot ohne mods ohne diese xml und ohne preload sounds vom WoTTweakerPlus.
    Wot startet dann in 1,7-1,8 sekunden,und maps sind nach ca. 3-5 sek. fertig geladen.
    Cpu bleibt wärend des spiels im bereich von 2 bis max 6%,und ram geht von 12% vom windows 7 ultimate 64bit durch das spiel auf ca. 16% rauf.
    Aber es gibt hier und da wärend mal spielt noch ganz kleine und kurze stotterer.
    Nach der installation dieser verbesserten xml, und dem aktivieren des preload Sounds im WoTTweakerPlus startet wot dann in 4-6sek. und ram geht von 12% vom windows auf bis zu 18-21% rauf,maps werden im bereich von 5-7 sek. geladen.
    Ruckler,kurze microfreezes gibt es noch,aber dann nur noch so 1 bis max. 2 pro stunde spielens.
    Also wen es nicht stört das sein spiel dadurch erheblich langsamer startet,maps spürbar länger brauchen um geladen zu werden,und auch im spiel nach dem beenden des gefechtscountdowns noch 1-2 sek. warten muss damit es losgehn kann,kann dieses ganze precaching verwenden um kleine stotterer auszubügeln,serverlags werden dadurch aber nicht beeinflusst.
    Das getestete system besteht aus einem Quadcore Intel I7 3770k auf standart taktung @ 3,5ghz,16Gb DDR3 ram auf standart takt 1,6ghz und einer geforce 680 GTX,festplatte ist eine Samsung SSD 840 EVO die auf max speed konfiguriert ist.
    Viel Spa$$