Friday, March 6, 2015

For The Record

As you all know For The Record was THE place for any information on WG and World Of Tanks. It has been around to see and comment on many subjects. Raised a huge audience, made a lot of people angry for telling it how it is (not how WG would like it to be). FTR posted news about WG even before WG posted it on their own official site.
SilentStalker (FTR owner) announced yesterday that he is stopping FTR. Why ? Well he is the new content manager and historical adviser to (Armored Warfare).
You can read the details about the whole thing here: LINK 

From now on, for any information on WoT we will need to visit Ritagamer’s new blog:

 Personal note from me:

SilentStalker I wish all the best on your new job. Thank you for all the good and bad news that you brought us. Thank you for the great work.

 Best regards PK.


  1. To bad SS is going to quit FTR, his replacement, ritagamer is just a community leech without a job and no inspiration and a horrible voice. He will be missed !

  2. There is another blog...

    Read it, it has moar historical info :)

  3. lol fuckin wg slowly get fucked...