Friday, May 8, 2015

Banned For SPAM !!!

Some of you probably noticed that the blog has been offline for about 2-3 hours. Well, this is what I got in the mail:

My best guess is that my "friends" from the RU found a way to stop me.

Anyway, google has reviewed my case and I'm back online - huge THANKS to google for a speedy comeback.

Thank you all informed me by email, thank you all for the support.
Special thanks to Jan-Peter and Djordje...

For future references: if I get banned again all of the mods are still on my google+ page. Also, bookmark Gox's blog.


  1. Hallo my friend:-)

  2. What is our G+ page pls?

  3. good to have you back dude

  4. o google,you so silly sometimes!
    wb plazma

  5. Good to read this :). Welcome back my friend !