Saturday, May 9, 2015

2015 Victory Day Parade on Red Square

I'm NOT posting this so some people can start WW3 here.


  1. long leave Russia respect from Greece

    1. You have really hope that Russia helps your land? Lol oh lol i say to this :)

    2. When Greece goes fully bankrupted: Russia will offer to settle part of the financial problems. Socialist party will win the next election. Greece will try telling EU to f**** off and not pay EU the billions they owe. Finally, Greece new government will quit from EU and NATO. US military bases will be closed. Turkey influence will rise in the region because they will be a strategic country now. EU will have to except Turkey into EU. Millions of Turkish citizens will pour into EU. Local war over Cyprus will start. Israel will be drawn into the war against ISIS. Middle east oil reserves will start declining. Middle east starts lose the grip on extremists. The whole middle east is at brink of war. Pakistan is now poking India again because they have new fresh fanatics to fight for them.

      How is this for imagination ?

      Tom Clancy level 99 reader here :)

    3. Russia was always friends with Greece.
      And some of u stop believe what TV says open your eyes.
      EU makes money on Greece.
      They will never let Greece out of Europe.
      Greece has more minerals gold and oil than the rest of EU

    4. HAHA you are so funny! Sorry to say this but if the greece start to work like the rest from eu the have money!
      But they think its enough to work 20 years and stop to work with 50!
      They have to learn to work at first! I hope the grecce go to russia they have the same mentality! Smelly rotten and hypocritical!

    5. u keep working tile u are 65 to help big bosses get more money and u will get 2X1.5 M hole as pension

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  3. Danke für den Link zum Stream.

    Sehr beeindruckende Parade...besonders die "Armada" Reihe.

    Gedenken wir "ALLEN" Opfern und hoffen dass es nie wieder soweit kommt.

  4. At least we got to see nice tanks, What where those that came after the T-80/T-90s? They looked like a Russian tank mixed with a big Chaffee that got squashed :P
    Hopefully they do this to be proud, not to get ready for another war...
    I think the Russian population is okay, just the government is a bit crazy, but then again, all governments are sometimes crazy.

  5. That new T-14 is an aweful design... one big target!