Tuesday, May 12, 2015

X5 = Retards Reunion Party (huge thanks to CrazyDuck for collecting these fascinating specimens)

Disclaimer: I will be swearing and cursing here like crazy. I have nothing smart to say, I just want to cry because of WG's uselessness.

Well let's get on with it:

1. How the f**** can someone be this f**** bad. Seriously people, do you drink battery acid ? Have you been dropped on you head (several thousand times) ? HOW CAN YOU SUCK SO F**** MUCH ?!?

2. What is the point of playing this game when you get RAPED every f**** match ? What, you like being raped ??? How can you play "for fun" and not connecting two f***** shots the entire match  ? This is NOT game where you just drive a tank and try to get killed as fast as you can.

3. WG, I know you would probably sell nuclear waste to make money, but common !!! WTF !?! How can I (a single random player, not even a good one) find 15 retards per day (and use all my useless reports) and you, with an army of employees cant clean this game from BOT users and just useless c*nts ? Afraid to ban people who spent $$$ ? Well, who the f***** will pay to play with these "people" ? (yes, I know WG is still making millions, but would it be nice if they actually f**** did something about these "specimens")

4. Why is every f**** X5 special totally ruined by "people" like these ? How about WG banes them from any specials in the future. Like a warning to get their sh*t together (that's NEVER going to happen because WG might lose money). How about we wipe all idiots who have more than 10k and below 300WN8 (now you are dreaming Plazma, too much pain killers ???). Would anyone really miss them ?
Would you miss them ?

This one is not bad, but 31k on a LoLTraktor ??? He must have a tattoo of the damn thing across his chest...

And we continue with our little horror story:
(these are ALL way above 10k, most are above 30k)


Just look at those numbers:


  1. WHAT THE F..
    never mind, when I see the winner, I absolutely wanted to congratz his awesomeness...
    seriously its fuckin amazing...

  2. http://i.imgur.com/AKD3uCP.jpg?1

  3. Nije ni cudo sto sam prestao da pikam WoT.
    Ni War Thunder: Ground Forces nije bolji (mislim na osvajanje kontrolnih tacaka, jer ljudi jednostavno ne vode racuna o tim zadacima), ali ovi screenshotovi iz WoT-a su objasnili.

  4. Day by day , battle by battle I can not win. Happened for days win rate is 25-35% even with M badges 1st class badges but team loose. Many times battle last 2-3 minutes because a PLENTY of noob morons play this game. A lot of people spend a good money on this game and still WG does not respect them but respect morons like this presented here. OK they do not want to loose money from morons BUT do something with selection of statistic of the players. Morons to play in moron category, medium with medium, pro with pro. IS THAT SO HARD to be done by software? Second MM stinks with 2 to 3 tiers difference? 13-90 play tier 10 games and do same role as BC ????? That is nonsense. 13-90 penetrate nearly nothing , BC pen everything. Spotters ????? Do not tell me that 13-90 ONLY as spotter can get XP , silver same as BC in same role. Little by little instead being better and better this game after 3 years playing it became more and more S H I T.

  5. !! EXAKT !!!!
    AnonymousMay 12, 2015 at 11:40 AM
    But 3 steps up is nothing,some tanks are forced to play 4 steps up like China prem tank Type 64,and some others to!
    And now tell me what a Type 64 can do on the fucking tier1-2-3 map like ENSK,or on this maps:
    STALINGRAD,Kharkov,Abbey,Port,Mines,Hidden Village,Himmelsdorf,Windstorm,Winterberg,Arctic Region,Winter Himmelsdorf,Sacred Valley,....then you only have the penetration to pen enemys on his rear or sides,and with gold there is no chance to pen a tier9 tank at the front.
    Most maps dont have any useable chance of camoflague your tank,so light tanks are completley useless and only fucking canonfood oneshot for the high tier enemys.
    1 shot near this type 64 and his tracks are off,no fucking need to hit him,just aim & shoot near him and his tracks will fucking fall off!
    No space to manover,no space to cycle enemys,no chance to spot & keep spotting for his team,not the hp to can eat some shot ...no just a joke of a oneshot for every tier9 tank,and some tier8 td´s to.
    Yesterday with 13 90,i had 32 games with it,what you guess how many tier10 and tier9 i had?
    25x tier10 and always small city maps like ensk,5x tier9 and ONLY 2 games with pure tier8.
    result was only 7 great games where i could do a lot dmg,kills and spots.
    Last map was El Haluff where i was the last surviver against absurd op tier10 med Object 140,but i could win because i setup my 13 90 as scout which means max camo and max viewrange,and i was able to shoot the object 140 down with a litle luck and only with damn gold.
    When 9.8 will released there is never again a chance like this,because all tanks with autoloader guns will have a max shootrange of 400meters.
    So there is never again a chance to do thing like this,use your camoflague and shoot & hit enemys over 400meters.
    then its only a damn egoshooter bullshit.
    Bulldog will be then also useless to.
    Only close combat crap which you can do ONLY 1 x a game.
    btw. playing in low tiers is also useless since 9.7 ,97% of all enemys are violet sealclubbers always in platoons,always spaming gold,always with op tanks like t18 cruiser tetrach ect. ,always far away of winrates like 60-65-71-73% .....last 7 games with tier1 i had 7 violet sealclubbers as enemys,my team 8 green but suicide childs and 3-4 bots every game.
    my winrate 51,92 after 12900 games,time to reset my account and be a sealclubber to :D

    1. While i do agree MM is as crappy as it can get, but one little point machine-guns will get 400 meter range not autoloaders (Pz I c, t1 and such) so dont worry bulldog will still pawn.

    2. the description says:
      autoguns and mashineguns
      bulldog has a autogun,the last gun on top is the same sure but 4-5sec. reload is a damn joke and useless,so i keep the autogun.

  6. WoT is an Alien project to show us Humans how retarded we are .

    1. L O L , indeed ... i never thought 80% or more humans are braindead til i started playing WoT. it just opened my eyes . They made a very good project , lmao

    2. yup , str8 on . in my 25+ years of online games WoT is an eye opener.
      idk mybe people used to be smarter 25 years ago
      must be a connection with todays world politics called Capitalizm.
      everyone is spending their time working or chasing money instead of educating their children
      i am afraid of next 25 years .

  7. wonder if someone know what "scout MM(matchmaking)" means. if u have you idea what it means please read: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Matchmaker_(WoT)

    1. every single light tank is matches as scout,THIS is one thing i REALLY hate in wot.
      meds & heavy must fight against 1 or at max 2 steps up,but lights must fight against a minimum of 3 and 4 steps up,and THIS IS SIMPLY ABSURD & UNFAIR!!!!!

    2. what do you want? you want to be a light tank in a mm where you are top tier?

      how many times will you win? 80%?

  8. World of tanks Raped my faith in humanity, WOT players and the Devs "Working as intended" are the dumbest Cunts that ever walked the face of the planet.

    Every time I see bots that WG claims dose not exit, and these window licking fuckwits derp to their death/camp base "sniping with a heavy tank". it makes me wish there was another apocalypse.

  9. fcking dead WG blood sucka! killing its own game!

  10. Right the fuck on!!! I actually uninstalled the game this weekend after the same fucking thing happened to me. So many idiots playing the game its unbelievable. Add to that a match making system that determines winners and losers most of the time. WOT is the only game I know that can drive this much frustration in me. It is completely unplayable as a solo random player and most clans just want to jerk off doing clan wars for little to no results. I am eagerly awaiting the launch of Armored Warfare at the end of the month. I plan on making WOT and every so often platform and moving my time and money to AW.

  11. So I uninstalled the game tonight to reload as I was having some issues. Upon uninstall WOT now asks survey questions on why... this was not in place a few months ago. One of the answers was about getting frustrated with results due to playing with bad players. I selected that and gave them an ear full on what is killing the game (bad players, MM that determines winners and losers most of the time, and the constant nerfing of tanks to find balance... bullshit.. some tanks are just better than others and if a pool of people don't like it.. tough shit. Let them grind for it.

  12. However online interactions can't be limited by game companies. You can't expect WG to ban all the noobs or kick them out of your game?

    1. answer

  13. More ranting about WOT? Created this page this morning.


  14. it still is a free to play game u cant and will never be able to ban someone just because they are not good at playing a fucking game everyone is free to do watever the FUCK they wanna do with their accounts and btw the article is too damn insulting and looks so awful

    1. You must be the biggest liberal that I ever seen (or you are one of "them" :) )

      The article is meant to be insulting, that's why there is a disclaimer...

    2. IDIOT and the people pay to be premiun and the people pay to have a premiun tanks ,thats dont deserve a right??????? Mybe you are one of the assholes noobs play this game .... FUCK YOU ...

    3. So you think if you pay it's OK to be one of the assholes from the pictures ???
      Are you serious ???
      So if you PAY it gives you the right to a useless cunt and we need to love you for that???

      You probably live in a world where useless cunts are welcomed and treated with respect ? Well, reality check: useless cunts waste air on this planet. It is NOT OK to suck at something and continue to suck even more and say that IT"S OK. Maybe your parents accepted that their child is a huge failure and encouraged you to embrace low standards in everything. They must have loved you very much. Wake up, stats like that show two possible scenarios:
      1. these "players" are using BOT of go AFK every f**** match (since you get 300wn8 just by doing nothing)
      2. that they suck so much that they cannot shoot ONE round into and enemy target.

      I'm average as they come, even not good, but man, if I played like this I would definitely go back to facebook games.

    4. Plazma, there is Research about intelligent or at least educated and non-educated people. The educated estimate their efforts much lower than the idiots but in reality have much better results. So: idiots DO NOT KNOW or realize they are idiots. They only know their gay boy group shit, drugs, bad houses, cheap furniture etc etc and think the world is like that, they never care about how their iPhone is designed and built by high skilled people. Humans grow up by copying more than 90% of their parents - so if they are losers you know where this leads to...

  15. Dont play for a wild a you gone see the shit company wargaming change everthing, they dont care about the people who spend money in that game , for me they will never see NONE Fuck wargaming , fuck the system they have to fuck the game from the people who wants play correct...

  16. plazma you have to look no where else!!

    my friend showed me the best player in wot


    look at his stats ingame. averege damage in is6??? i dont want to tell you, you have to look for your self!!

    wn8 for this player.... but wn8 for is6.... it has to be a mistake!!!!

    so you dont have to search anymore for the best player in wot.


  17. Europe has had so many opportunities
    but these were destroyed in May 1945
    & "planet of the apes" isn't Sci-Fi anymore

  18. Wrong, to please you. ;) Paris voices say they dont earn enuff to pay ABLE developers. Are we astonished? ..I.. As soon as the skill-based MM from Warfare appears, that Minsk-Paris-communist-50%-winrate-equal-shit-dustbin will decline and fall. And noone will cry one tear.


    Someone do a Mod + Website of Noob.

    You submit Noob to website.....
    Website send info to mod

    Mod automaticly Blacklist the noob PLUS fire one shot in the begining of the game to the noob.

    In 1 week....your game is noob free THAT IS FOR SURE !!!

  20. one thing to notice:
    Why is there a need for an RNG factor in this game?
    no matter how good you aim,no matter if your gun is fully aimed,no matter how good your crew is,no matter what server you use,no matter what ping you have,no matter what equipment you buy & use,and so on...
    a minimum of 4shots from 10 MUST miss your targets.
    WHAT THE HELL??????
    yesterday with my 13 90 and full clip apcr loaded,zero point blank range against a batchat 25t on flat ground with only 2 shots remaining,4 shots bounced,2 on his rear side and 2 on his rear.
    Can you imagine what feeling that is to bounce 60% of your shots on a FUCKING LIGHT tank with 248mm penetration against 60mm (60 side) and 40mm (40mm rear) of armor????????????
    GODDAMN THIS RNG BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    same at snipe actions with batchat 25t:
    3 miss horrible (1 way to short and 2 was flying to the right without any fucking sense) ,cant understand why,platoonmate could hit all his 5 shells,my batchat was not able to hit 50% but i had much much better crew and was 100% fully aimed.
    bye wg

  21. Look at that plazma,what kind of player is this?
    make your choice :D

  22. Only WOT in this world increases the stress in a man ! All other games relieves the player and you forget all your stress you had all day long and sleep happily. But you cannot sleep after playing WOT, you cannot have a nice conversation with people around you after playing WOT, because you will be breathing fire from your nose and looking for someone to release all the stacked up stress and anger caused by World of Tanks !!!! I was playing this game because you are not killing people in the game but it came out that you kill real people after the game World of Tanks, because it makes you aggressive and angry !!!

  23. WoT = New CounterStrike