Tuesday, June 2, 2015 AutoAim (Aaimbot) by SAE v 15.3

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    1. Ja nemam tih foldera u dont have this in

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    1. are you sure?????
      normal the sae mod work if you copy the files to the right position!

    2. Mate... back to Facebook games...
      This mod works perfectly!

    3. He's right. Not working on NA server and the new files are in 0/9/8/1\scripts\client\mods. An hour ago the old files were working in same location.

    4. ... that should've read\scripts\client\mods\ Sorry. My typing sucks lol.

    5. I'm back and my typing still sucks, but I figured it out LOL!. If it doesn't work, check to make sure you have the file _init_.pyc in the \scripts\client\mods folder.

      If you install this mod before some other mod adds that file to the folder, it won't work.

    6. yeah doesn't work, tried several times and nothing. I had to actually create the "mods" folder in the client file. nothing works and I'm sick of trying.

    7. If you had to create the mods folder then you're just missing the file _init_.pyc.

      It doesn't come with this mod. It's not hard to find though. Look in your old res_mods folder if you have it and just move that one file into the new mods folder you made.

      If you don't have your old res_mods folder, Download Locastan' HP Bar mod and get _init_.pyc out of that mod.

    8. I placed that file in the mods folder when I created it. Didn't work.

  3. Što da kažem... ni meni ne radi a do sada nisam imao problema.
    Probao sam i prije potegnuti WOTCleaner ali isti qrac.

  4. Aaimbot
    (sry GOX)

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  6. NOT WORKING. install path:

  7. If the file _init_.pyc isn't in \scripts\client\mods then it won't work. If you had to create the mods folder, you can bet it isn't in there, unless you've added another mod that put it there. Look in your old 0.9.8\scripts\client\mods folder and drag _init_.pyc into your\scripts\client\mods folder.

  8. reticle tracking is way too slow, much better in v13.

  9. Works. But only theoretically.
    A simple example: Basic gun of IV Covenanter has 121 pen avg prem amo. No problem to pen a T-34-85 lower plate if I aim by hand. But this shit does nothing to aim the lower weak parts, it aims centre or only the tracks, not the weak lower armor.
    Conclusion: If I REALLY need it, it is not working. Useless in most critical situations.
    It is only useful for real newbies, or against driving targets to get a correct forecast, IF the enemy doesnt change direction or speed. The aimbot is MUCH too slow to register any change in enemy´s speed or movement.

    If I aim per hand: 20 shots, 18 hits, 10-18 pens. With this shit: 20 shots, 11 hits, 8 pen.
    Well... .. .

    1. I agree, this version of SAE aimbot is pretty slow, I'm not sure why the author slowed it down in comparison to v13 and earlier versions. I also agree, if you select tracks (numpad2), it first looks to track the vehicle instead of aiming at the lower plate. Again in earlier versions this aimbot did in fact aim at the lower plate (not the tracks), it should revert to the lower plate. When you select numpad2 it does tell you its aiming for the tracks whereas in earlier versions it would say lower body (ie., the chassis/lower plate from the front).

  10. sea aimbot is a simple funktion aiming mod which only aims high like turrets,or aims center of enemy tank or deep aim like aim to tracks.
    thats all.
    it also has target lead aim but this version is to slow for.
    i do not use it again,to many bounce or miss the targets.
    and in close combat and stress situations you do not have the time to click numbers of keys...there is really no time in wot.
    one mistake and you eat shot after shot after shot and die instantly!

  11. I think SAE needs to update this version of the aimbot asap since its too slow during target-lead as everyone is noting.

  12. Pozdrav,
    Verzija 15 mi je radila ok. Aimbot i preaim su se mogli samostalno ukljucivati i iskljucivati sto mi je super jer aimbot mi bas i ne pogađa kako bi ja htio ali preaim je radio savršeno.
    U ovoj 15 ver 3 ne moze se samostalno iskljuciti i ukljuciti aimbot i preaim. A preaim užasno kasni i tek tu i tamo se nešto pogodi.
    Ver 15 - kaže istekla i sada moram koristiti ver 15 ver 3 koja je grozna. Target lead toliko kasni da je to nezamislivo. Moze li se nekako ponovo aktivirati verzija 15 ?

    Version 15 worked ok. I could turn on and off aimbot and preaim individually which is great cause aumbot is not hiting where i think it should but preaim worked perfectly.
    In 15 ver 3 cant do on and off for aimbot and preaim. What is worse, preaim sometimes is ok sometimes not. More it is not ok and is too slow and not target leading anymore (sometimes does).
    Version 15 expired and now only this 15 ver 3 is working. Can we activate somehow old ver 15 ?

  13. Is there any other good preaim mod ?
    Ima neki drugi dobar preaim mod ?

  14. I installed and ran for 24 hours then its telling me when I enter WoT that the trial has ended.

    Do I have to pay for this mod? There was nothing in any of the pages I saw that indicated this!

    1. How about checking the home page from time to time....
      You missed some 6 updates on this: http://pkwot.blogspot.com/2015/06/98-autoaim-aaimbot-by-sae-v-164.html