Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 1: Armored Warfare

As some of you know, yesterday Obsidian launched second early access closed beta server. I played as much as I could and so far this is what I got:

(disclaimer: I'll probably get several things wrong but this is only my FIRST impression)

  1. I started downloading the game on the 09. Jun around 12h. The initial download was slow, probably not a lot of people where seeding (at best it was doing 500 KB/s). I got around 50% and stopped for the day. On the 10. Jun I started the game client and it was downloading at max speed (50MB/s). Client size is just under 12 GB.
  2. The game launcher is very similar to WoT, you will have no problems getting around. The only difference is that you need to log into the launcher and select server (NA or EU)
  3. Game installation took about the same time that WoT needs.
  4. After the installation and server start, login was fast and my first two start vehicles appeared in the hangar.
  5. UI - if you know your way around WoT garage you will have ZERO problem working your way around AW garage and it's functions.
  6. Nations = Dealers - only difference.
  7. Garage graphics - well, let's put it like this, even at this stage BugWorld only can offer 1-2 hangars that look or work better. It's fast, it easy to use, idiot proof. I like it.
  8. MM - I never waited longer than 30 seconds (30 second wait time maybe happened twice, other MM times are around 10 seconds). 
  9. Graphics - I used my new rig for this (i5 4690k, 16 GB RAM, NVidia 970GTX). Holy sh*t this is one beautiful game. Crytek did a great job with the engine, but holy crap this game when it's maxed out look's awesome.
  10. Map load - fast, no glitches, very similar to WoT. 
  11. In game UI - First of all: in WoT I use a fully modded game client, I use almost everything that is legal. When i started playing AW, I needed 10 matches max to feel right at home. Very similar to a fully modded WoT. I would maybe add 1-2 things but as a stock in game UI it beats WoT stock UI every time. Who ever decided to make it the way it is, did a great job (I would like to see  additional optional's like sights etc in the future)
  12. Maps - big, beautiful. Weather effects are awesome. Rain, wind, smoke clouds, explosions etc - compared to WoT - BugWorld loses again. The artillery barrage that WG introduced recently looks (after AW) like a f**** joke.
  13. For now the game economy is changed so that players progress faster so I really cannot judge on normal game progress.
  14. Vehicles: (I tested only tier 1 and 2) Now, I didn't buy tier 3 since I wanted a fully upgraded vehicles, not fast progress. Again, very nice surprise - fast, maneuverable, fast aiming, can harm any vehicle that you come across. I didn't get that feeling "wtf do I do now" at any point.
  15. Gameplay: very fast at low tier.
  16. Stability - game crashed only once (why: I check my emails a lot, alt+tab is used a lot). All tanks move fluently in the game you don't get those "jump" effects from tanks +300 meters away. Lag was an issue maybe 3-4 times - it's beta, it's normal (it's NOT normal to have a 4 YO game that lag's like a crazy cow. Yes WG, fix the damn servers). At one point I had a problem shooting fast tanks - well, it's closed beta, I get that every 5th game in WoT, I'll survive.

Final thoughts (after my first game session of AW):

I will quote MightyJingles now: "Obsidian will have to screw up something big for this to be even a mediocre game" - yes, at this point I think that AW is that good. Why ? It's fun. Pure and simple, it was FUN playing it.
And I will play tonight again.


  1. thanks! looking 1 year ago singed up still aint got a reply,i need to pay but i dont have enough money for it yea :$

  2. ima li nacina da se pristupi beti bez placanja?

    1. Jedino da se molis Bogu, da te izabere lutrija za ubacibvanje novih igraca...

  3. Giveaway Seial Armored Warfare ;-)

  4. That was awesome KingRider ! worked. Thanks for the review Plaz...please continue to keep us up to date on AW. Who knows, maybe WG will pull out a 'WunderWaffle' out of their ass.

  5. yep using crytek engine will be a problem if the game is not 90% server side like wot is with the bugWorld... if this game have just 40% of his client making calcs on the client we will see looots of hacks .. something like supperd speed and fly thanks :)

  6. Great review! Really tempted to get in too!

    What about platoon and teams?

    1. At this point you can join a 3 man platoon (or woman) :)

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