Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 2: Armored Warfare

Yesterday I got my two new tier 3 tanks. Patton and T-62.
My impressions of the day:
  1. I used my old PC for this day. AMD 750k (@4.3Ghz), 4 GD RAM, ATI 270x. 1080p on low settings was working stable at 50-70 FPS. No stutter, no fps drops. If you crank up settings to medium you will get 30-40 fps (I prefer higher fps to eye candy looks)
  2. Yesterday Obsidian sent us a patch (cca 300 mb). Downloaded at max speed, instillation took seconds. No issues.
  3. Patton: One of those tanks that you need to know how to use. It's slow, after the 70 km/h tier 1 and 2 vehicles, it was pure pain to drive. Scouts will often rape it since the armor is "strange" (sometimes it will hold like it's alien space ship, sometimes it will get penned like a rusted bucket). Stock it's so slow (OMG slow). Fully researched it's OK - sometimes you will do great in one game than suck bad in the next 3. Bottom line - didn't like it. Easy comparison to T-62: I unlocked them both in the same time and played them one after the other. T-62 researcher to 100%, Patton 35%. Imagine my pain (disclaimer: I'm not that good, so probably I just don't know how to properly use it)
  4. T-62: Damn, even better than in WoT. This turret will take so much punishment - it's insane. The gun is great, it will punish everything. Maps give T-62 great advantage since it's very easy to find a hull down position. Can't wait for the T-64. (today honey, we meet at last)
  5. Arty: I didn't get one yet, but I got owned by it several times. One HUGE difference to WoT: when arty is aiming at you, you will get a warning sign. This will give you just enough time (if your tank is not slow as a stock Patton) to move and not get wrecked. Arty will not do huge alpha damage but it fires very fast. If you are dumb enough (like me) to stay in one place for too long it will rape you. Area damage is nice, grouping with other tanks usually means arty will fire at your group first.
  6. My first bad impression: here is the situation, you are aiming at a tank that is hiding behind some construction sight. You can see it, you can aim on it, but the shells are not flying thru the open spaces, they just make an effect like they hit a wall. This also happens in WoT when your textures are NOT on high - you aim just over some hill, your reticle is 100% clear of ground, you fire, you hit the ground. Or, firing thru building pillars, same story. I will be playing today on my new PC (all maxed out) and I will check if the problem is present there two.
  7. Sound: used headphones yesterday so I enjoyed sound a little bit more. In tank sound is very nice (apart from my female tank commander screaming at everyone in the tank when the match starts: driver - do this, gunner - do that, bla bla bla). Radio chatter effect is really nice (battlefield 3 stile). Engine sound definitely needs work (Obsidian pls contact Gnomefather). Guns sound are OK to me. The sound of getting hit needs to be different. In a way that you (just by listening) understand how badly you got hit. Also, when you pen (hit something) the crew needs to be more specific about it.
Overall, very nice experience for day two. I did suffer from package loss (the tank would not stop when I release the W button or while doing "peek a boo" tank did not move at all). The truth is that just before 17h there was a huge thunder storm over my city. After checking my internet connection I can say that it was NOT the game, because I measured some +20% package loss ("my ISP" - shame on you).
Today we buy the tier 4 tanks :)

Overall part 2: I very much liked the community playing this game. Not so much lunatics like in WoT (it's closed beta, the idiots will arrive). Also, when it's close to server stop, everyone in chat warns about it and the last game of the day is always epic. I just hope that Obsidian will be VERY strict to insult/provocation situation's. Let the idiots play something else.


  1. Bravo Plazma, drago mi je sto si upao u closed beta i sto si svoje utiske podelio sa nama. Jedva cekam da AW izadje iz closed :) Super sto nece biti smaranja i cimanja sa modovima, od wot me vec boli glava...

    Poz, Enzo

    1. Hvala brate,
      ako Obsidian uspe da zadrzi igru cistom i bude veoma strog prema igracima (mislim na stoku sto psuje/vredja itd, klasicna sranja iz WoT-a), bice ovo extra igra...

  2. grafika je odlicna za sad, ja sam je igrao na ultra i odusevljen sam , malo su zakomplikovali garazu ali sama igra i deo fizike je odlican

  3. svaka cast za ovu igru nadam se da nece postati s... kao WOT,pre bih rekao WO S..T!