Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WoWs Mav's Ultra Fog Remover

Well, it's finally ready, I think. The initial version had an issue that made the sky look like a kaleidoscope(but only for Nvidia users for some reason, Radeons worked fine....), but I believe that's fixed now. Let me know otherwise. Should boost FPS a little bit, more noticeably for mid and lower-end computers, plus no more squinting through the pea-soup for the old fogies.

NOTE: This mod does NOT have any effect on destroyer smoke, which will display normally, so you'll still be able to know you've got somebody with torpedoes sneaking up on you when clouds start appearing in the distance. The WoT edition can still be found here on Curse.


Decide whether or not you want the standard port edition, or the Quick Port edition(Port loads much faster, but doesn't have any towns in the background) and download it. Then simply extract the contents of the zip file into your World of Warships directory(usually C:\games\World_of_Warships\), and replace paths.xml. To uninstall, simply delete paths.xml and the res_mods folder, and rename paths_original.xml to paths.xml


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