Monday, June 29, 2015

WW2 Photos Part 61 (tanks only) StuG Edition



  1. thatwasnotsupposetohappenJune 29, 2015 at 4:26 PM

    First of all I was hearing about some mods and bots that requires subscription and all.
    To my understanding you publish/share such mods or the very same ones for free? sorry I don't know which I am not blaming or anything. I would like to know if those mods are reliable and safe to use by european players? And if we can choose to use only a single mod from the pack? I have seen a rhm. shooting across map and actually killing stuff :O I asked him his secret then he told me this mod that he was using atm:
    "11. Red Poll (even beyond render range) by SpongeDoc" is that included in yours I wonder?
    Sorry for bother on all that, thanks for mods and your patience. :)

    1. Safe ? Well, if WG wanted forbidden mods out of the game I think 50% of EU would lose their acc's.
      Just don't stream, don't make any screen shot and You should be fine (so far this was sufficient NOT to get banned)
      Most mods that you need are here:
      Including the red poll mod.
      Feel free to go back several pages, you will find everything you need.

    2. or you can try "all-in-one" pack from Gox:
      also free...