Friday, July 24, 2015

9.9 DarkTeam Tundra v2.2 (updated 24.07.15.)



  1. Replies
    1. STOP using free antivirus...

    2. That has nothing to do with a free edition of antivirus, it is normal for most antivirus programs to label unknown exe files as potentially harmful, if you ever installed a pirated game with a ripped exe file, then you know that it happens a lot.

    3. My laptop has a 300e licensed AV, never had a problem with any of this.
      It's also connected to a company network where all machines are scanned every time you are plugged in (I work for a huge pharmaceutical company and they are beyond paranoid). Also no problems.
      But if you try this on a (example) Avast Free it will immediately delete it.
      Thus my comment.

  2. An exe? And you want people to trust you? Get real. There is no need for a WoT mod to be in a exe unless it's loaded with something foul. Nice try.

    1. How did you know ? Oh crap, I'm busted. I use this to spy on people over their webcam's.
      I usually sell the info to ISIS and Russian FSB.
      I steal your porn bookmarks.
      I make your WR and WN8 drop...

      pls next time do not leave any comments at all...

    2. Svak čast, radi perfektno. Pozz za Le.. ;-)
      Samo tako nastavi...