Wednesday, July 29, 2015

9.9 Gox Hack Pack For Skills v0.25 (updated 28.07.15.)



- Updated XVM, Players with massive losing FPS, freeze and crashes comes from old xvm version which is finally updated!
- Updated Minimap Tankview Extended.
- Replaced old MultiHitLog with new MultiHitLog Gox edition.
- Added HD White Dead Tanks.
- Added White damaged tracks.
- Added Critical Angle.
- Added Hangar Manager.
- Added Gox BlogViewer Key F10.
- A Lot of other corrections and configurations.

9.9 Gox Hack Pack for skills v0.24
Including all most important cheat mods: AIM bot, lasers, destroyed objects, tundra, reload timer, blind hit mod, tracer, redball, enemy direction, always blue sky, broken destructible etc…

Just extract, copy/paste res_mods to your game folder and roll out.

-Tundra Key: F2
-Chameleon Key: U
-Broken destructible NumPad 8
-AimBot by SAE NumPad5
-Battle Assistant Key: G
-Contour Look (X-ray) NumPad 1
-Lasers NumPad 7
Recommend are to run WoT Cache Cleaner before install (is not a must).
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How to setting protanki mods:

 PS. If you have problems with blind shots, turn off "Block shots on destroyed tank".

Other Screenshots: