Sunday, July 5, 2015

One More Reason to Play Armored Warfare

The key question is: Why didn't WG made this for WoT ?
Oh yea, they made the useless history battles and confrontation mod.
BTW, according to Victor Kislyi (WG CEO), WoWp failed because the player are not professional pilots and because they cannot "play" in 3D space. You can see the interview here.


  1. Agreed and for WW2 history buffs like myself, it would make the game all that much better. I sense the reason for WG not doing this is a 'monetizing' problem. How do you reward missions like that towards your grind ? Not everyone has a corral full of tier 10 beasts with corresponding lower tiers to play for nostalgic reasons :-)

  2. i got a code from here. yay how ever there is none left

  3. I've been in EA since the beginning. I cannot play it I find it so poorly done and so grindy. The PvE in EA3 was awful. The rewards made it pointless. It needs a lot of work. I spent 69 on the top package and barely test it so that tells you something.

  4. AW is just a some hyped shit! Who the fuck wants to play modern tanks anyway...