Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Summer Vacation Has Started


Here is an idea for WG to make tons of money:
New premium account "IdiotFreeLife", 50$ per month, but you never ever get retards like this in your team...
And everybody is happy...


  1. nope ! I want retards in WoT. It's easier to be better than them

    Think, if you have only unicums in WoT, what are a good player ? a tomato...

    1. Mate, did you read the post ?
      I said, I don't want retards like this in MY team and how much do I need to pay for that.
      Or, even better, imagine random battles with no "red's". Orange I can explain, red after 10k is a medical issue...

    2. so you would pay for 1vs15 matches? or arent the non noob teammates not allowed to fire? If you are a unicum in a team of super unicums... you are the tomato...

  2. nice post... thx Plazma, true is one true

  3. hey mate, look this

    i have a lot of these pictures, how can i send u ?

    1. omg wtfk... impossible this game oh no

    2. feel free to sent them to:

  4. the funny thing is that they have a clann too :P

  5. me in the last borsig game did 3120dmg and was first in dmg done with 3 kills,seconds had 2270dmg with is3, 3. had 1788dmg,4. had 21dmg and was a löwe and did only 1 shot which was a miss and this with tier9 hp,and then from the 5. on all was empty in dmg.
    This game REALLY feels i play WITH bots AGAINST humans game after game after game after game.
    On EU the bot-team-time is 17:00 PM,from this time on it´s mostly completly impossible to win a fucking single game and winrate is dropping and dropping and keeping falling.
    The only chance to play WITH humans AND WIN on EU is 5-6am to 16:59pm for me! (No joke,its really true)
    team die in seconds,or do mass suicide runs,or kill them selfs with water swimming actions,drive in the middle of 5 enemys and make one shot and call for help and die in 6 seconds without any fucking sense,nobody heard anything about tank angeling,side scrapping,or reverse side scrapping,or camoflagues,or enhanced viewrange like see without been seen tactics,.....
    Im not a pro or unicum but i do my part as best i can do,i only play lights because of the good mobility,great camoflagues,great viewerange,and of course i like the speed when i have the map for :D
    I hate heavys because they are only made to MUST eat shot after shot after shot and arty really loooves fat slow immobile heavys,the damn slow reload and heavys getting slower and slower and slower in this fakegame!
    I play wows now and like it.
    WOT is DEAD for me,and i dont want to kill more braincells in a bot flooding game which is simply to many times already lost before it has started when you see the stats from xvm!
    57000games and average 212dmg,21000games and average 71dmg,71000 games with average 171dmg,and so on......THIS IS TELLING YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE BIG WORLD OF BOT´S!
    Come join us and play our game and play with bots against humans,you will love it!
    No matter if you loose or win,you get everytime credits and exp!
    Do nothing after matchstart and earn a lot credits and exp with AFK !

  6. and when those idiots you mentioned also buy that premium account "idiot free" you have same problem you have more idiots on your team so nothing changes except that WG get tons of money but you still have idiots on your team

  7. the solution is still as easy as that: tier 1-2 no restriction, from tier 3 onwards you need a special amount of wn8 or whatever rating wg thinks is suitable. e.g. tier 5 you need wn8 of 400, tier 8 of 1200 or something like that. thats not that hard and will still suit most player, but those awesome idiots would be stuck in lowtier games.