Tuesday, September 8, 2015

9.10 Direction Box Full By ZorroJan V0.02 (3 color setting, just like it was in 9.9)



  1. It's [ZJ] ContourLook in the file "9.10 Direction Box Full By ZorroJan.zip" at the downloadlink, the file "226 - мод направление доступной цели.rar" at the downloadlink at the source-website is ok and works fine

    1. It's the same file just uploaded to medifire and renamed so the name has no Cyrillic (because some people still use winrar to unpack).

      And yes, both files contain Contour-look because ZJ's mod needs it.

    2. There are different files in the zips at direct download-link and the download-link at the source page, i've just downloaded both again. The file at the direct download-links has "ZJ_ContourLook.pyc" and "ZJ_ContourLook.xml" into it, the one at the source-page has "ZJ_TargetDirection.pyc" and "ZJ_TargetDirection.xml".
      I think you have renamed and uploaded the wrong file :-)

    3. OK, how the f*** did that happen ???

      God damn it !!!!

      THANKS MATE, my bad :(

    4. OK, got it. It was NOT me.
      The file was uploaded to wotspeak.ru as I got it. After some time Sasha from wotspeak.ru figured out that something was wrong and fixed the download link (I did not). Thus the whole mix up.
      If you look at the wotspek.ru now, there is a ZJ 0.02 direction box with the same download link, the "226 - мод направление" and it was just published today.

      Anyway, thanks for the info, good to have people who actually paid attention :)