Saturday, September 12, 2015

9.10 PFMods V.0.7.5


PFMods v0.7.5:

- Enemy Reload Timer (even arty reload)
- Minimap Reload Timer
- Round remaining in autoloader
- Destruction on minimap
-Shadow Mod (Shows silhouette of the missing tank)
Breakable mod (removes destructible objects)

Including is the key which is valid until 20.09.2015

OTM Reload settings: res_mods\configs\PFMods\reloading.json
Minimap destruction settings: res_mods\configs\PFMods\destruction.json
Shadow settings: res_mods/configs/PFMods/shadow.json
Destructible objects settings: res_mods/configs/PFMods/breakable.json


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