Wednesday, September 9, 2015

9.10 WoT ModPack By Zielony V.4.1 (yes, all mods are separated)


9.10 WoT ModPack by Zielony v.4.1
Updated 2015.09.08

1. Removed the mods that cause a decrease fps.
2. Removed Broken Destructible - sometimes the shot ended up on an invisible wall, instead of the tank.
3. Removed "Gox" Crosshair.
4. Removed Simple Hit Log - do not count damage of non spoted tanks. It's useless for me.
5. Removed Tracers.
6. Changed SAE Aimbot to Zorro Jan Shaytan.
7. Changed Edge Highlight to Zorro Jan Contour Look.
8. Changed Penetration Indicator to Zorro Jan Hit Marker.

INSTALL (full - if You want all mods):
1. Unpack downloaded zip directly to the World_of_Tanks folder.
2. Roll out!

INSTALL (separated - if You want to choose some mods):
1. Unpack downloaded zip to some temp folder.
2. Unpack selected zips directly to the World_of_Tanks folder.
3. Overwrite all files when you are asked for it.
4. Roll out!

1. Reload Marker [ZJ] sometimes (10-20 battles) shuts game.



  1. This mode now looks a lot better than the last version like FishBoy2. Thank the author of this mod.

  2. how do i delete relaod marker?