Saturday, September 12, 2015

FU Arty By WG


  1. Wow , You mess with arty , You ruin this game .
    Artillery is a very important part of the game , contrary to all the crybabies complaining about it , With an even weaker hit that most now have anyway it will create a camp fest , game after game of campers knowing even if there is an arty it won't do much damage.
    No need for a tier 6 scout in a tier 10 game now , They going to rebalance that too ?
    Here's a better idea , Give the crybabies in the game an in game option to include arty in their game or not , " Random Battle or Crybaby Random Battle no arty "

    1. There are games with no arty at all and they are going perfectly fine. Your brain and argument is invalid.

    2. Do you cry about gold shells in game too ?

    3. I do, u know why? cos Maus was fearded before. Do you think it is now?.. not at ALL!, its a box off free dmg now.
      Whats the point off armor in the game? when eveyrone will pen with gold anyway?

  2. So basically its going back to the way it was originally when the tier spread was 5 for spgs. faster reload lower damage so hopefully the french will just stay the same.

  3. just robbing some features of AW doesnt make this game better. If u want to copy the mechanics of AW then arty has to be much preciser, faster reloading, less spread on the move. Therefore u may add less alpha and much more splash radius.

  4. I play arty and i'm happy about the rebalance, I'd much rather have a 90% chance to damage or suppress an enemy that have a 50 50% or 30 70% chance to either instakill or miss completely.

    The idea of suppression is something I'm looking forward to. as long as they make it worthwhile and useful to suppress enemy tanks.

    In fact it would make sense if all HE shells had lower pen but caused suppression, since right now they are under-used :/