Thursday, October 1, 2015

9.10 b4it Beta - Version 14.1 By Jeong


Change log:

+ add cheat: The shadow of the disappeared enemy
+ add cheat: Arty the scope of propel fragments
= fixed critical bug in reload_info: if XVM and enabled reload_info get down to 10 fps
= change reload_info style, add json parameters to reload_info
= fixed bug to load json data into target_info
= fixed bug in arty to target_info
!!! added cpu core support for do big or strong functions, This will reduce the count of delays (freezes) in the dogfight
v14-1 microfix
+ fixed bug, spam errors in log, if disable enemy or ally reload bars
changed 7z to zip

9.10 b4it.  V14.1
100% working without any issue!
Totally new coded mod!
0 (ZERO) FPS decrease

- 6th sense without perk!
- RedBall
- AutoFocus
- Destructibles on minimap
- Tundra
- Lasers
- Enemy Reload timer + powerbar
- 6th sense (Rudy The Dog sound when are you spotted)
- When enemy aiming at you shows damage indicator
- Auto Repair (repair modules, crew health + Automatic Extinguisher)
- Info Panel to target (Show installed modules to target + real visible distance and Maximum visible distance)
- Gui setting



  1. What ever happened to WOT's auto ban thing, will I be banned if I use this?

  2. my gun and turret are stuck can't move them something is also wrong with the arty aim thing

    1. There was an update today, I'll publish it in about 5 minutes...