Thursday, November 5, 2015

9.10 Warrior HackPack By Masyanya


9.10 Warrior HackPack By Masyanya

Subscription ONLY hackpack by Masyanya made available for testing until the next patch.

Whats inside:

1. Changed ingame cursor
2. Changed load wheel
3. 2 Row carousel
4. Changed icons for ammo, equipment and consumables
5. Added Radio WG
6. Replay manager
7. Free camera mod
8. Chameleon by IF_THEN_ELSE MODPACK (by default it's OFF)
9. Destructible objects remover by DrWebber (by default it's OFF)
10. Auto aim for arty
11. Game load screen changed
12. Session stats changed
13.Female tank crew
14. In battle efficiency calculator
15. White dead tanks
16. White damaged tracks
17. Tracers - caliber dependent
18. Red Ball (by default it's OFF) by ProstoNoob
( mod will also display the distance from the arty that is shooting at you)
19. Music mod by m@sy@ny@
20. X60 Zoom
21. Battle assistant - arty camera mod
22. P_MoD
23. Removed fog and clouds
24. Automatic med kit, fire extinguisher (by default it's OFF) 
25. X - ray by ZorroJan
26. Sniper view optics effect removed
27. Gun constraints
28. Vertical tech tree
29. Hangar clock
30. Destroyed objects on the minimap and ingame by ProstoNoob
31. Max zoom out
32. OTM Reload by ZorroJan
33. Direction box by mod_pack_lpt
34. Smart minimap
35. Custom radial menu
36. Damage Panel
37. First blood mod (sound mod from Unreal Tournament)
38. Arena mod - displays where opponents spawn
39. Bloom effect removed
40. Tundra

Hot key's:

NumPad3 - On/Off - destructible objects
NumPad5 - On/Off free camera
F10 - On/Off OTM Reload
F3 - auto-equip
 I and U - On/Off Chameleon (IF_THEN_ELSE)
T and Y - On/Off arty sniper mod and tanks arty mod
G and mouse button 2 - On/Off battle assistant



  1. Its working good. But i can 't find a way to change the language. mesenge at chat and warnings are in rwsian? any one can help?

    1. Try removing the TEXT folder.
      After that, it's messing with the config file of every mod inside - just too much typing.

    2. wich one TEXT folder..
      If you can give me the name?