Tuesday, November 24, 2015

9.12 b4it Beta - Version 15.7 By Jeong


9.12 b4it Beta - Version 15.7 By Jeong (UPDATED)

Whats inside:

- 6th sense without the perk, sound notification when you are out of spot

- Red Ball and AutoFocus
- Destroyed objects on the minimap
- Tundra
- Lasers
- OTM Reload + Reload line
+ Enemy gun direction
+ Automatic repair (modules, crew, fire extinguisher)
+ Target Info (Equipment installed, base view range, view range with equipment)
+ All settings are controlled thru ingamne GUI
+ Aim Bot by lportii
+ Chameleon
+ Something was hit
+ The shadow of the disappeared enemy
+ Arty the scope of propel fragments

Change log:

= fixed error with protanki (changed flash + load method)
= fixed error in tundra
= fixed error in destructibles on minimap
+ add destructibles on minimap functional and visual style changed
+ changed reload bar + text color (changed json config)
=fixed some errors with threading, bug in unloaded thread
=fixed error in shadows mod, deleted contour edge, bugged
=fixed error in reload bars (unload bar after battle)
=fixed error in underfired mod (bug in unload data after battle)

Important notice AimBot is forced disable, do not turn on! because causing some errors which will be fixed in next version.

9.12 b4it.  V15.7
100% working without any issue!
Totally new coded mod!
0 (ZERO) FPS decrease

9.12 b4it.  V15.7
100% working without any issue!
Totally new coded mod!
0 (ZERO) FPS decrease
Hot Key's:
Lasers: Numpad 1
Tundra: Numpad 2
Fast track reaoair: Left Alt
Autoaim Numpad 0
Black Sky CTRL+Numpad2



  1. bugs, many bugs. Invisible tank, restart game... imposible playing

  2. not noob havnt try this version but with bait or gox its the same after 2 battle pouf tank disapear and for finish crash ( without aimbot and chamelon make same)

  3. precision : since 9.12 :)

  4. Nice work on this god awful bugged piece of horse dung you call a mod pack. You have ruined GOX. Take a bow retard.

  5. you complaining dumbasses need to install the fonts or it craters at random times. Not the modpack, it's your cocked-up install

  6. By far the stupidest reply I have read today. I have used B4it in prior Gox mods and there was no to little issues. It has been the last 2 that have been terrible, but you go ahead and keep thinking you are smart..... When that fantasy wears off you will be faced with the fact you are a complete retard. Cheers dummy lol