Friday, November 27, 2015

World Of Warships Aim Assist v0.5.1.2 V.2 By Johans


World Of Warships Aim Assist v0.5.1.2 V.2 By Johans
Update 26/11/15
Added "auto setup". Start battle, go to zoom view and press ALT key to get marker visible.
Added some functions to customize mod. See inside aim.xml.

Not compatible with hitlog mod by W03L0BED. Actually it is, but... one day I will...


Unzip to your_game_directory/res_mods/
In game graphic settings set aspect ratio to 16:9
Strat/restart your game.

Alternative view is not necessary. If you mark it you wont need to press Alt key at begin of battle.

Tenryu, Kuma and Colorado. These ships may show marker at wrong position with certain hull upgrades. I know that and fix it one day(or not).

Config instructions:

Use proper text editor while changing aim.xml file. I recommend Notepad++. Make file backup before you start. Error handling is not implemented, so double check what you changed.
Config file is loaded at the begin of every battle. You dont have to restart your game client to load changed aim.xml file.

Marker is too low at all ships?

In graphic settings set screen proportions to 16:9
To use 4:3 aspect ratio change in config:
For other proportions you have to find these values by trial and error.
First change <zoom> to move marker at proper height, then change <distancescale> to set correct marker length. By increasing zoom value marker moves up.  By increasing distance scale value marker becomes longer. 

How to use calculator?

1. Load in to a PvE ( Co-oP Match )
2. Go to scope mode target the maximum gun range then hold ALT key.
3. Write down the maximum gun range value in km and HE shell travel time in seconds.
4. Switch ammo to AP write down the time and range if changed always aim again when you switch ammo.
5. Come here select the ship.
6. Convert the gun range to meters ( 1km = 1000m so if gun range 18.10km to convert 18.10 x 1000 = 18100m ) put in the correct box.
6. Now put the HE and AP times in the correct boxes.
7. Press calculate.
8. Now open Aim.xml in Notepad++ press Ctrl + F.
9. Type your ship name and press find next.
10. Change 0 for delayHE then change 0 for delayAP and save then play.

And thats it folks. Excuse my poor english.



  1. Thanks Johans & Plazma ;)
    Tested and works perfect,simply an amazing mod from a hero!

  2. You are awesome Johans, ty

  3. Thanks for the great work

  4. Anybody know the values when you have a 16:10 screen (1920x1200)?

  5. no,ask johans or test to get a working result.

  6. Funktioniert auch bei 5.1.4 -

  7. As of 5.2 this will either crash your game or just sit in loading screen... when loading into match. -No longer works-