Thursday, December 17, 2015

9.13 PFMods V.2.2.8 BlackWoT Edition By Polar Fox


9.13 PFMods V.2.2.8 BlackWoT Edition By Polar Fox

1. To change language change ru to en in configs/PFMods.json
2. To edit translation phrases open PFMods/resources/l10n/en.pfl with any editor which support UTF-8 (without BOM) encoding (ex. Notepad++)

Also, you can translate it to any language what you want.

To see changes in phrases - you need to delete configs/settings.db (this reset all options to default values)

PFMods V.2.2.8:

DESTRUCTION - destroyed objects on the minimap
EXTINGUISHER - scripted fire extinguisher
LASERS - lasers
MTURRETS - gun direction on the minimap
OUTSIGHT - 3D sphere
SHADOW - shadow mod
TUNDRA - Tundra script
RELOADING 2.0 - OTM Reload
BLINDSHOTS - something was hit mod



  1. does not work, after the intro my game freezes

  2. Black Screen after loading for 2.28 Black WOT Edition
    2.28 Didnt load at all

    And 2.23 BEta works with sometimes game completly crashing

    So only 2.23 working for now...

  3. It works, when you use this package with an old config folder ...

  4. PF mod fixed