Sunday, December 20, 2015

9.13 Roughnecks RN_GUI MOD & RN_MODS INSTALLER By Maggz


9.13 Roughnecks RN_GUI MOD & RN_MODS INSTALLER By Maggz
-updated reloadbars to animate for shots during clip and added abilty to remove clip counts.
-updated MHL battle types list internally.
-split shadow mod off from chams mod and made separate shadow mod
-fixed detached turret error in derrickhand.
-fixed Gun elevation for RN arty Crosshairs
-updated aims.pyc to show artillery elevations correctly
-updated TGM flash for line break alignment fix.
-added opponent Tag info to CW battles and realigned some misaligned tables
-reworked Zoom Mod yet again, Complete recode to fix issue, No longer Ekspoint mod.
-chams is now its own mod has no shadow mod built in now (still has turret lock issue)
-Changed to NEW zoom mod by Maggz, re naming Old mod As the new one is truly all ours
         old mod will remain for users who wish to not use GUI zoom mod.
-added Mavs fog remover(currently does not contain new maps)
-changed wording in settings window for DerrickHand colors selections
-reworked the code for hotkey selectors in GUI settings
-reworked Installer slightly for 9.13

---- Code refactoring for 9.13 in all mods -----



  1. Hello, if we can somehow do in order to not change the language of the game?


  2. Already the question of date, problem solved: you have to delete the folder txt, and the game does not change the language of the game;)The mod works fine, no problems :)

  3. is a virus websites,i got full pc after registration!!!

    1. Roughnecks forum a virus site ???
      Are you serious ?!?
      (don't post comments like this, people will laugh at you)