Wednesday, December 30, 2015

World Of Warships Aim Assist v0.5.2.1 By Johans


World Of Warships Aim Assist v0.5.2.1 By Johans

Unzip to your_game_directory/res_mods/
Strat/restart your game.
In game graphic settings set aspect ratio to 16:9

Alternative view is not necessary. If you mark it you wont need to press Alt key at begin of battle.

Tenryu, Kuma and Colorado. These ships may show marker at wrong position with certain hull upgrades. I know that and fix it one day(or not).

Config instructions:

Use proper text editor while changing aim.xml file. I recomend Notepad++. Make file backup before you start. Error handling is not implemented, so double check what you changed.
Config file is loaded at the begin of every battle. You dont have to restart your game client to load changed aim.xml file.

Marker is too low at all ships?

In graphic settings set aspect ratio to 16:9
To use 4:3 aspect ratio change in config:
For other proportions you have to find these values by trial and error.
First change <zoom> to move marker at proper height, then change <distancescale> to set correct marker length. By increasing zoom value marker moves up.  By increasing distancescale value marker becomes longer. 

And thats it folks. Excuse my poor english.

I don't know if game devs trying to break this mod or not, but if they do then I believe one day they will succeed. I can't promise this mod is going to work after next updates. We will see...


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  1. @Johans.....thanks soooo much for the great work

  2. How about settings for 16:10 monitors?

    1. I found the following settings pretty accurate for 16:10 monitors:

      distancescale: 12.9
      zoom: 8.2

      distancescale increased to make the lines longer. this places shells very near the center of the target.

      zoom increased to move the marker higher. still not perfect...even though the marker is situated on the ship rather than under it, i find shells landing short in some situations depending on whether the target is moving towards or away. seems more like a mod limitation than the setting.

      your mileage may vary.

  3. There is no need to wait for a training room mod. You can access the training room by editing preferences.xml in your game install folder. Look for the settings called and set it to TrainingBattle. Now when you start the game it will say "Coop Battle" at the top but if you click Battle you will bring up the training room creation screen.

    If you change battle type to Random, though, you will not be able to go back to the training room, you'll have to quit the game, edit preferences.xml again (because it saves the last state), and restart the game.

    Not convenient but it works while waiting for training room mod to be updated :D

    1. Sorry, it didn't take my comment correctly.

      In Preferences.xml, find the setting called "game_type" and set that to TrainingBattle. Rest of comment is correct :D

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. GEIL!
    einfach nur geil dieser johans!!!!!

  6. die seite ist offline ^^ hoffe das heißt nicht das ende der MOD

  7. Thank you so much for the update of the mod. I realy appretiate you updating the mod. I have no clue how much time you are spending updating the mod but your hard work is realy appretiative. Thamk you again and a happy new year :-)

  8. die punkte sind zu weit weg vom schiff ??

  9. a quand update 5.5.1 ????? existe t'il un autre site sérieux ??? merci plazma keks

  10. Hi,
    bei mir joint er keinem Spiel mehr, sobald ich den mod aktiviere. Was habe ich falsch gemacht?