Tuesday, January 6, 2015

9.5 Night Warfare

Copy to WOT\resmods\0.9.5\scripts\client\mods. 

F2 - on/off

9.5 Stealthz Hack Pack (thanks to Khorne)

YES, it's full of forbidden stuff...


- Japanese TDs are to be expected sooner than Chinese due to the latter ones being mostly Soviet clones (and WG doesn’t want more clones in the game), neither will come in 2015
- T-35 and Char 2C might appear, but in 2 years perspective
- we can expect a certain polish tank (TKS or 7TP) as a gift tank
- In Havok, if artillery uses AP round, it is possible to penetrate the wall and the tank behind the building, with a penetration loss
- In Havok, different round types (AP, HE) will have a different effect on the building. For example, it will be possible to destroy a wall and hide behind the rubble
- Type 59 might come back in a mission in 2-3 years, but the mission requirements would be hardcore.
- there was a bigger Ensk map, but big maps are huge problem for devs, because some tanks will be useless there eg Maus or TOG II
- On EU servers WG is not going to publish list of prohibited mods, so you can use them and not be banned. WG leave decision of using them or not using them to your conscience

- WG hasn’t got plans for LT on tiers 9 and 10
- Havok will appear in 2015, will work on a separate core