Wednesday, January 7, 2015

9.5 Arcade + Sniper Shot

- blocks you from shooting in arcade or in sniper mod (both options can be changed in the sarcshot.xml file) if the reticle is NOT on a enemy tank. Sort of a safe shot mod but with reversed effect.
- copy to  World_of_Tanks\res_mods\
- button settings are in the sarcshot.xml
- can be temporally disabled when LEFT ALT is pressed
- if the sarcshot.xml is not setup correctly the defoult button for the mod is NUMPAD8

9.5 Achilles Mod

YES. it's forbidden...

- displays a tank that has "vanished" from line of sight.
- added tracers
- gives you info if you hit (and what you hit) if you are firing on a hunch

9.5 Chat History Scroll

9.5 Players Panel With HP (V.

9.5 Grandpa's KISS Interface

9.5 Engine Sound Mod By Gnomefather

9.5 HR Gun Sound Mod By Gnomefather

9.5 Grandpa's Content Mods


- Evilly confirms that the Winter mode had too much XP and crew XP gain unintentionally, it was fixed
- for players that are annoyed by the presence of “fun mode” tanks in their hangar, WG will make a filter so you don’t see them if you don’t want to