Sunday, January 18, 2015

9.5 WG Individual Mission's Female Crew Mod (huge thanks to Jackie for sending this)

9.5 P - Mod 0.9.5 V.13 Updated: 16.01.2015

9.5 Korean Random Hit Zones


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- Russian support service confirms that HT15 mission is bugged (one of the elements of the equation apparently does not count)
- Storm confirms that the AMX-50B in HD doesn’t have the green weakzones on frontal plate (the armor models that were leaked earlier were incorrect)
- HT11 mission is also bugged – it will not complete even if your tracks are damaged, it will be fixed
- the same bug as above applies for other missions as well, such as TD2
- MT12 description is incorrect, in it you personally have to kill 3 vehicles, not the entire platoon
- new premium tanks will be implemented “in near future”