Thursday, January 22, 2015

9.6 View Range Nerf

YES, we can all have a nice rage session in the comments section...

9.5 SAE AutoAIM

9.5 XYC Cheat Pack

9.5 Tank XP & Individual Missions Hangar Mod By Spoter

9.5 Simplest Hit Log (no XVM needed)

9.5 Fatality Gun Sight By Luxz

9.5 FXAA + Sharping


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- there will be no possibility to remove maps you don’t want to play from your map pool

- in upcoming several patches, there will not be a new heavily armored heavy tank branch introduced in the game
- supertesters are players with various winrates, so that the supertest resembles the random battles better
- currently, WG is investigating the issue of map repeating frequence (“I keep getting the same map over and over”) (SS: yes please, fucking Erleberg in 7 of 18 battles….)
- M48 Patton will be buffed (“when it’s done it’s done”)
- currently, Wargaming is working on “Matchmaker 3.0″. In it, every tank will have a “role” and vehicles will be balanced depending on it.
- WG is currently working on a “league” system for team battles (weak teams will be in second league, strong teams in first). It will appear in one of the upcoming patches.
- XP bonus for “tanking” will come soon
- alternative hulls: “when it’s done it’s done”
- KV-5 will not be buffed
- next version of minimap will bring the option to ping the maps so that only your platoon mates see your ping