Sunday, January 25, 2015

9.5 Historical Tank Crews


9.5 Korean Random Hit Zones


9.5 Interface Color Change


9.5 Extended Filters Pack By STL1te


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- oddly enough, the E-100 inside of the gun barrel model (the rifling) is only like 20cm long, while IS-7 rifling model runs through the entire barrel. Storm states it’s just a little thing, so who cares.
- the size of the HD E-100 changed as such: it became 1cm longer, 1cm wider and 3cm taller
- the color of the HD E-100 is correct (same as of other HD German tanks), will not be changed
- differences in model sizes from original specs of 1 percent or less are considered acceptable
- E-100 mantlet in HD was remodelled to correspond the one in Panzer Tracts
- HD E-100 “bar” on the top of the turret (rangefinder optics) will be made lower (the same as it was)
- HD E-100 upper front plate angle is actually better than it should be (63 degrees compared to 60 degrees in reality), it will not be nerfed to historical specs
- E-100 will not get a (historical) Maus turret