Saturday, February 7, 2015

9.5 100$ AimBOT By LSDMAX (made public by the author)


9.5 / 9.6 Enemy Outline (Walhalla) By Deutscher Adler


9.5 Cheat Pack For Skilled by SpongeDoc (30.01.15 version)

YES, it's forbidden...

1. OTM Reload
2. Direction Box
3. Destroyed objects on the minimap
4. Shadow (20 seconds delay)
5. X- Ray with extended config by ZorroJan
6. Something was hit with sound effect
7. Lasers (2 types)
8. Tracers
9. Removed objects on the map (objects that can be penetrated with AP shels)
10. Red Ball
11. Red Poll (with added function of working beyond view range)
12. Advanced Aiming System
13. AimBOT By fkzcrf & SEA
14. Scripted fire extinguisher
15. Track repair on SPACE, autorepair and autoheal on NUMPAD+
16. Critical hit sound
17. Autoequip
18AutoAIM with point switch (switch between points on the enemy tank NUMPAD0)
19. Post mortem switch on the minimap
20. Sniper for arty (Y) arty scope for regular tanks (U) free camera (P)
21. Tundra (config by SD) + black sky (optional)
22. Dark Team Tundra

9.5 Solo’s Easy Mod Pack V.6