Wednesday, February 25, 2015

9.6 Reload Collection


9.6 AimBOT Collection

9.6 Stealthz Hack Pack (updated 24.02.15)


9.6 Arty Hack Pack



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- the new physics model will be “leaked” by community contributors’ videos on Thursday (day after tomorrow)
- Storm confirms on closed beta-tester RU forum that the issue of servers giving you the same map over and over again is existing, but more than that: it is intentional – it serves to limit the load on the server, it is not possible to fix.
- a player reports that he has an issue in locking the autoaim on enemy targets (takes a lot of effort to lock on), Storm states there were no other such reports (as in, not an issue)
- it’s not possible to choose a map you want to play because the MM mechanism wouldn’t be able to handle it
- it’s possible that the physics test will also start on Thursday
- no comment on whether (and which) limited MM vehicles will be removed from the store
- Q: “AW will kill WOT!” A: “How terrible.”
- special missions to promote “unpopular tanks” (SU-101 etc.) will not be introduced
- tanks being “shifted” (moved) by hits from shells (kinetic energy effect) will not be implemented