Friday, June 12, 2015

9.8 Modification Extension


ModificationDesignations - nearest enemy indicator
ModificationTransparency - Tundra
ModificationExtinguisher - scripted fire extinguisher
ModificationTransference - displays enemy's outside the max render range
ModificationDestructible - displays destroyed objects on the map and minimap
ModificationTranslocated - displays hitting non spotted enemy
ModificationUndiscovered - Shadow mod
ModificationSnapshotting - displays shots from non spotted tanks
ModificationDisplacement - displays gun direction of enemy vehicles

9.8 Reg Edit (use any server on one client)


9.8 SpeedTree (full Tundra script)


9.8 3D Sphere


9.8 Arty Intuition Mod

Well, this one is new :)
Same as the WoWs targeting system, this will display a circle where the target will be when the shells land. Sound very promising :)   (even to good)

9.8 Destroyed Detector By JStar


This mod allows you to report on the minimap (and ingame with arrows) fallen trees or destroyed things.

The difference with other similar:
- Signals much more
- Also indicates the direction of fallen trees
- Indicate destroyed buildings in a different way, with optional effect
- Don't decreased FPS
- Accurate
- Possibility to don't detect destroyed things by bullets
- Avoids false positives due to things already reported long before
- On / off in battle via button set in the xml file
- Does not report things destroyed by allies or enemies spotted to avoid unnecessary spam
- Displays a limited number of marks in the minimap, deleting old ones
- All set in the xml file
- Code completely written by me, 100% safe and beautiful: P
- Avoid false positive happening on your tank moving
- Maximum detect range based on your current configuration(object lod),also for arty

- Locastan minimap compatible

9.8 AutoAim (Aaimbot) By SAE v 16.2

Advertise AutoAim (Aaimbot) by SAE v 16.2

Day 2: Armored Warfare