Friday, October 2, 2015

9.10 DarkTeam Tundra v2.5 (UPDATED)


9.10 b4it Beta - Version 14.2 By Jeong (UPDATED)


Change log:

+ fixed bug with arty ball
+ fixed bug with turret stick
+ fixed bug with repair chassis always
+ fixed bug with get freezes in 6th sense on 1cpu comps

+ add cheat: The shadow of the disappeared enemy
+ add cheat: Arty the scope of propel fragments
= fixed critical bug in reload_info: if XVM and enabled reload_info get down to 10 fps
= change reload_info style, add json parameters to reload_info
= fixed bug to load json data into target_info
= fixed bug in arty to target_info
!!! added cpu core support for do big or strong functions, This will reduce the count of delays (freezes) in the dogfight