Friday, October 30, 2015

9.10 Gox Hack Pack For Skills v0.38


9.10 Gox Hack Pack for skills v0.38

Including all most important cheat mods: AIM bot, lasers, redball, destroyed objects, tundra, reload timer, blind hit mod, tracer, enemy direction, always black sky, broken destructible etc…
Changelog:- Updated XVM
- Updated b4it. V15.3 with in Hangar setting.
- 6th sense without perk!
- RedBall
- AutoFocus
- Destructibles on minimap
- Tundra
- Lasers
- Enemy Reload timer + powerbar
- 6th sense (Rudy The Dog sound when are you spotted)
- When enemy aiming at you shows damage indicator
- Auto Repair (repair modules, crew health + Automatic Extinguisher)
- Info Panel to target (Show installed modules to target + real visible distance and Maximum visible distance)
- Gui setting
- Aim Bot by lportii
- Chameleon
- Something was hit
- ReAdd  AimBot-Shaytan 
- ReAdd  Broken destructible
- Add The shadow of the disappeared enemy
- Add Arty the scope of propel fragments