Friday, January 1, 2016

9.13 b4it Beta - Version 16.4 By Jeong


9.13 b4it Beta - Version 16.4 By Jeong (UPDATED)

Whats inside:

- 6th sense without the perk, sound notification when you are out of spot

- Red Ball and AutoFocus
- Destroyed objects on the minimap
- Tundra
- Lasers
- OTM Reload + Reload line
+ Enemy gun direction
+ Automatic repair (modules, crew, fire extinguisher)
+ Target Info (Equipment installed, base view range, view range with equipment)
+ All settings are controlled thru ingamne GUI
+ Aim Bot by lportii
+ Chameleon
+ Something was hit
+ The shadow of the disappeared enemy
+ Arty the scope of propel fragments

Change log:

V16.4 demo:
= fixed "Black Sky" issue
= fixed XVM minimap issue

V16.3 demo:
= fixed xvm minimap issue with shoot marker (Autofocus mod)
+ added info about visible and camo info to new tanks in 9.13

V16.2 demo:
+ added simple x-ray mod
+ added version controle to json files, if you use old config, mod generate error in log and load default config in memory, for recreate json, need delete old config and restart WOT
+added new flash method, you load replay and drag'n'drop flash on screen (support spotted intuition Lamp, spotted list and Target Info panel
+added new options to show in Target Info: loaded ammo to focused tank (enemy and ally), new macros in config {{shell}}
= fixed some translation issues
= changed Under fire indication, now show indication if enemy visible you
= changed json configs! Need DELETE old.
= fixed direction indicator issue in Auto Focus
= fixed bug in Auto Focus, randomly crashed game after battle
= changed Auto Focus method to find hidden enemy, now show shoot in minimap and mark who shoot
= fixed issue in reload mod, fast reload indication on start battle to ally tanks
= fixed Tundra issue in sniper mode

V16.1 demo:
= Fixed translation issue

V16 demo:
!= old version b4it v15 be disabled 21.12.2015! Be patient!
++++ Added +++++
+ change design to site we work for create good support system to b4it
+ added translations to: English, Russian, German, Polish languages
+ added translation selector in hangar gui settings
+ added new config b4it_translation.json, if need translate to other lang (if you create good translation, post in to others users)
+ add new option to "destructible on minimap", size of icons
==== CHANGED ====
= changed gui settings icon
= fixed bug with button assign
= changed version in config b4it.json, need delete old file
= fixed reload bars bug
= fixed spotted_intuition visible style
= fixed target_info visible style
= fixed integration bug with ProTanki setting button
= recreate formula in AutoFocus module to found hidden shoot enemy and hidden arty, work normal in clear minimap, in xvm may be get troubles
= update tundra "exe injection method" to 9.13
= fixed bug with SomethingWasHit
= fixed bug with chameleon

Important notice AimBot is forced disable, do not turn on! because causing some errors which will be fixed in next version.

9.13 b4it.  V16.3
100% working without any issue!
Totally new coded mod!
0 (ZERO) FPS decrease

9.13 b4it.  V16.3
100% working without any issue!
Totally new coded mod!
0 (ZERO) FPS decrease
Hot Key's:
Lasers: Numpad 1
Tundra: Numpad 2
Fast track reaoair: Left Alt
Autoaim Numpad 0
Black Sky CTRL+Numpad2


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  1. yeah download link NOT working.
    Dude, try and find another click2pay site, this one is fucking stupid

    1. When you press the download link you will transferred here:
      Wait 5 seconds, then press skip add:
      Then you will be transferred to the download location on medifire server:

      All links are tested and are working as described. If you have any other results, well, your OS/browser is infested with some sh*t.

      Actually it works much better than adfly, just fix your OS/browser...

  2. Works fine for me. Don't think it is the site, think it is just you, or your settings

  3. Thanks for that.
    My favorite mod
    Use to be GOX but im not sure if its just the same or Gox just stoped.
    Anyways, thanks.
    Happy new year buddy

  4. + Arty the scope of propel fragments
    what are those?
    can anyone give me any screenshot about this?

  5. Anyway you can post just the red ball mod?

  6. ... crash game (x3)

  7. plasma why always when i press download link... a new tab opens and transfer me at this address can you explain what is this site?

    1. Reference link, if you buy any game from them I make 10% :)

    2. BTW, that will be removed after 31 January.

  8. Automatic repair is not working properly. My medkit (tools, whatever...) just disappear and modul (crew member...) is still damaged (injured). Just today it happened for many times. It never did before so it must be something new.
    The one, who is responsible for this mod, should take a look on it.

  9. 6th sense without the perk, sound notification when you are out of spot pls give me only this mods

    1. Something like this maybe:

  10. This is demo version...anybody know how to reset this timer?

    1. b4it v16.4 loaded normally
      Trial to 11.01.2016, please buy

    2. I assume it will stop working in 2 days.

    3. Don't worry, the mod is updated regularly.
      on 10-11th, there will be a new version published with a 20 days life span.

    4. I thought that this "timer" is for them to force people to buy....but if they release new demo every time old one expires then this does not make sense?

    5. The demo version is missing some features. Plus, not everyone want to search and wait for the update.
      (and the fact that if you want this mod, usually you need to be a member of some closed forum etc)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. When can we expect a new version?

    1. I hope, today.
      Checking regularly on

  13. Bilo bi bas lepo da postavi novu verziju, navikao sam ne ovo cudo pa mi neobicno kad ne radi