Monday, January 11, 2016

9.13 PFMods V.2.8.0 BlackWoT Edition By Polar Fox (UPDATED)


9.13 PFMods V.2.8.0 BlackWoT Edition By Polar Fox

PFMods 2.8.0

List of modules:
DESTRUCTION - the destruction on the minimap
EXTINGUISHER - automatic fire extinguisher
LASERS - Lasers
MTURRETS - direction of guns on the minimap
OUTSIGHT - spheres is drawing
SHADOW - shadow
TUNDRA - removal of vegetation
RELOADING 2.0 - reload
BLINDSHOTS - hitting the technique is not illuminated
Any module can be removed from res_mods \ PFMods \ packages (except pkg_core). Saved settings are stored in res_mods \ PFMods \ configs \ settings.db. Sami settings are in the hangar.
The efficiency of the modification is limited to 20.1.16
1. To change language change ru to en in configs/PFMods.json
2. To edit translation phrases open PFMods/resources/l10n/en.pfl with any editor which support UTF-8 (without BOM) encoding (ex. Notepad++)

Also, you can translate it to any language what you want.

To see changes in phrases - you need to delete configs/settings.db { Data Base File (.db) } (this reset all options to default values)


- Full rewrite license manager
- Added auto check updates
- Added info in hangar
- Improved loading modules
- Many fixes in all modules

new! - pkg_breakable: remove fences and other garbage from map
new! - pkg_watchful: enemies indicators

- pkg_blindshots: fix error

- pkg_reloading: Full rewrite markers manager (speed up to 1200% from ver. 2.5)
- pkg_reloading: Remove separate flash-indicators
- pkg_reloading: Remove A-Text indicators
- pkg_reloading: Added separate enable/disable reloading enemies/platoons


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  1. modpack is verry good but sometimes i get verry big game lag and freezing

  2. 2.8.5 ? when this new version? ;)

    1. ok , tnx ... once more I need mod for arty . red ball when arty shoot??? tnx plazma