Friday, January 22, 2016

9.13 BlackWoT PFMods V.3.0.5 By Polar Fox (English version)


9.13 BlackWoT PFMods V.3.0.5 By Polar Fox

NEW! - pkg_redball: RedVall for arty (for now without any config's)
- pkg_blindshots: fixed
- pkg_breakable: fixed map Kharkov
- pkg_breakable: reworked filtration
- pkg_breakable: reworked cashing
- pkg_reloading: fixed spam messages on map's with artillery barrages
- pkg_reloading: fixed problems with disabling arty panel
- pkg_reloading: fixed bug with no ammo if missing font Arial Narrow
- pkg_reloading: fixed bug with OTM reload over dead tanks
- pkg_watchful: fixed bug to restart game after settings are changed
- pkg_watchful: minor fixes
Working until 01.02.16.

PFMods V.3.0.5

DESTRUCTION - destroyed objects on the minimap
EXTINGUISHER - scripted fire extinguisher
LASERS - lasers
MTURRETS - gun direction on the minimap
OUTSIGHT - 3D sphere
SHADOW - shadow mod
TUNDRA - Tundra script
RELOADING 2.0 - OTM Reload
BLINDSHOTS - something was hit mod


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  1. neda mi ući u borbu? sve učita i onda blokira moram izaći i ponovo ući u borbu svaki put? šta je to?

  2. Locks up at battle loading screen for me...

  3. Replies
    1. Let me guess: you all just overwrited this new version over the old one ?

  4. nope.. fresh install of the resmods

  5. as a btw there is a new version 3.1.5 #beta...

  6. Smem li brisati i res i res.mods pre kopiranja novih foldera?

    1. pa ako nemas druge modove, da.
      ali ubacena je nova stabilnija verzija od PF-a. Bolje probaj nju....

  7. generally, it works, but because of the reload component, it properly works the first match after WoT start-up, but the next match it does not show the map, tanks and everything, but instead it keeps showing the teams + the map name splash screen, and you can only hear the battle.