Saturday, January 16, 2016

9.13 How To Reduce Ping In WoT By Am3n0r (English and German tutorial)


Huge THANKS to Am3n0r for making this tutorial.
If you do everything right, you will get 20-50% better ping on EU server.


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  1. Yes, I know it's in German. Learn languages people. Travel. Discover the world...

  2. Any expectation of work on US server?

    1. This will work for all locations, just use your location servers instead of the EU servers.

      1. If you are running Windows 7 or newer, you shouldnt mess with the TCP stack using TCPOptimizer. Its complicated but if you want look it up on the

      2. Changing DNS servers doesnt reduce your latency at all. Also once a name address has been looked up, it will keep it cached on your local pc.

      3. manually selecting the your best server by setting it in the xml file will make some impact. However today the first IP may be best, tomorrow that server could have issues and you'll need to do this ping check, update xml again. seems more trouble than its worth for a few ms.

      20% to 50% better ping from this guide is far fetched.

      If you seriously want to reduce your 100+ ping or clean up that packetloss you should look at It will take your connection and route it across a network that is optimized for gaming instead of regular internet.

      i am located in Asia and i play on EU. Without WTFAST my ping is over 500ms with packetloss, with WTFAST my ping is 300ms without packetloss. 300ms without packetloss is very playable but certainly not comparable to 2ms latency.

      If you have stable 100ms or less connection you shouldnt even look at this article.

  3. Huge THANKS to Am3n0r for making this tutorial. wtf for German tutorial and visitors of this site can fist them self