Sunday, January 31, 2016

Clan NASTI Now Recruiting !!!

MaverickBlue clan NASTI.
The fellow tanker that made the best fog remover and the only 
in-game message center mod for clans want's YOU to join his clan.

If you play on the NA server and want to be in a clan with Mav, this is your chance.

We're the NASTI clan, that's the North American Syndicate of Tank Incinerators, in case you were wondering. We're really not all that nasty...well, most of us anyways, we're generally a bunch of friendly casual tankers, and we're presently taking applications for new members.

We like to try and play a bunch of team battles/strongholds/drop syncs, etc a few times a week, and right now we're looking to boost our numbers so we can try to increase our activities to most days of the week instead of just a few.

That being said, even as casual tankers, we expect members to try and be online 2-3 times a week. We're not super stringent with that requirement, because we understand that life happens, but if you never seem to be around or participating in clan activities, you probably won't last very long with us unless you've given us a reason for not being around.

Presently, we're not involved in clan wars, and that likely isn't about to change anytime soon. We are affiliated with NVADE tho, and if you are interested in getting into clan wars, and have the stats to support it, NASTI could be your stepping stone.

Anyhow, that's NASTI in a nutshell, feel free to jump on our teamspeak if you have any questions or if you're interested in joining.

Teamspeak: ts3server://


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