Friday, January 22, 2016

World Of Warships Ingame Players Statistics


For all those who want to know with who or against who you play.
For now it shows player stats only at ear lists. Not on TAB list.

World Of Warships Ingame Players Statistics
(XVM for WoWs)

Download and unzip to game_directory/res_mods/
Important! You need to get WG API key to get this mod working.
Visit (choose yor server)

Select Stand-alone. Enter app name. Click Add application.
(you need to be logged in to obtain api key)
Open file res_mods/ with text editor 
Edit your wg api host adress
Paste in your WG api key.
Save config.json and start game.
Enable players panels in game settings.

Ingame statistics

Ingame statistics + aimassist

Displayed Info (left to right):

WarshipsTodayRating, number of battles, winratio, average damage per battle, kill/death ratio

All statistics PvP.

Some other mods use battle_elements.xml file. Installing this mod may cause other mods to stop working. Edit battle_elements.xml file when needed.
NUMPAD_0 to hide/show player panels.
SPACE to reload player statistics 
(Due to API conections limit it takes about 10-15 sec to dowload all players statistics. In case you are loaded into battle before stats are downloaded, you may need to press space bar to load stats in game. I will fix it one day)More instruction soon...

Small print:
Use wiselly. Do not try to predict future with info provided. Do not rage at "red" players as without them you woudn't be a good one. In case of growing stress and frustrations uninstall mod and seek medical advice. Mod provided "as is". Bugs expected.


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  1. write any name; for example wows STATS, confirmation and you will get the key

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  4. How to enable opposite team stats?