Sunday, February 14, 2016

9.13 b4it Beta - Version 17.3 By Jeong


9.13 b4it Beta - Version 17.1 By Jeong

Whats inside:

- 6th sense without the perk, sound notification when you are out of spot

- Red Ball and AutoFocus
- Destroyed objects on the minimap
- Tundra
- Lasers
- OTM Reload + Reload line
+ Enemy gun direction
+ Automatic repair (modules, crew, fire extinguisher)
+ Target Info (Equipment installed, base view range, view range with equipment)
+ All settings are controlled thru ingamne GUI
+ Aim Bot by lportii
+ Chameleon
+ Something was hit
+ The shadow of the disappeared enemy
+ Arty the scope of propel fragments

V17.3 change log:

+ added Portugal & French language
+ added cheat unspotted map (when in battle 2 users b4it) may disable in config
= fixed some errors in aimbot
= disabled all old versions

V17.1 change log:
+ added Chinese lang
b4it aim-two 1.2
= fix bug with back aiming
+ changed configs
+ recreate GUI settings

V17 change log:
+ auto updater on start game
+ change old autoaim to new autoaim
+ fixed crash if not buyed
01.02.2016 all old versions will be disabled. work only 17+ versions

Hot Key's:
Lasers: Numpad 1
Tundra: Numpad 2
Fast track reaoair: Left Alt
Autoaim Numpad 0
Black Sky CTRL+Numpad2




  1. You need a license or is to try.

  2. Don't work is "6th sense without the perk, sound notification when you are out of spot" mod, help pls me.

  3. this mod still not working !!!!!